RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.37 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

Added Support for Signing Multiple Waivers

If the Race you are using has multiple waivers enabled, you will now be able to sign each waiver as a step in the CheckIn flow.

Added an Automatic Timeout feature to the “View Results” functionality.

This will automatically navigate back to whichever Lookup Method after a set period of time. The default is 15 seconds, but it can be set to Off, 5s, 15s, or 30s.

This is especially nice for using as a Result Kiosk when trying to reduce the amount of necessary user interaction as much as possible.

Added Configuration Setting to Auto-Show Camera in Kiosk Mode

This new Configuration Setting can be used when Kiosk Mode is enabled to automatically open the camera scanning functionality and displays instructions for users to scan BIB/Registration QR Code to look themselves up.

Bug Fixes

Fixed CheckIn Stats for Races that have been renewed at RunSignup.

Fixed a crash when using Bluetooth Numpads.

Fixed an issue causing the offline banner to show up multiple times in some cases.

Fixed an issue when using Custom Question Logic and required responses, causing you to not be able to change responses.

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