RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.38 is Now Available!

Setting up Result Kiosks and managing Configurations is easier than ever.


Added a built-in Result Kiosk Configuration

Moving forward, each race will have access to an added “Result Kiosk” Configuration that includes commonly used settings already enabled. This will make it simple for you to start using the recently introduced Result Kiosk features.

  • Clear Search: Enabled
  • Lookup Method: Kiosk Mode
  • Lookup Result: View Results

Added Change Configuration shortcut to Menu

The Race Menu now has a new shortcut that makes it easier for users to change Configurations quickly.

Added Create Preset/Configuration Shortcuts in Settings

Adding a new Preset/Configuration is now more efficient as you no longer need to open the Preset/Configuration Panels. This simplifies the process of creating a new Preset or Configuration by eliminating a step.

We have now added a “Timeout on Search” configuration setting.

By turning on this setting, any “Registration Not Found” messages will disappear on their own after 5 seconds, and a countdown timer will appear to inform the user. This feature will also automatically clear out the search terms once the timer has run out.

You can find this setting under General Options, within the Configurations or My Device Settings section.

Configuration and Preset Edit Forms have been updated to use a full-screen dialog.

To ensure that the CheckIn App adheres to the latest UX standards of the Tickets App, some changes were made. Additionally, a few updates were made to this particular section.

  • Removed the floppy drive icon, replacing it with a text button to “Save”.
  • Changed the back navigation button to a “Cancel” text button.
  • Relocated the delete function to the bottom of the setup and replaced the trashcan with a text button.
  • Added clickable rows to the preset events, making it easier to edit a preset that is in use in a configuration that is currently being edited.
  • Made Preset/Configuration Panels collapsable, and have collapsed all panels by default.

Added Volunteer Phone Number in Volunteer Display

You will now be able to show Phone Numbers in Volunteer CheckIn Mode. This setting is found under Volunteer Mode > Settings > Edit a Preset > Volunteer Display.

Available today from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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