QR Code Component for Email

We have added a new QR Code component to make it simple to add QR codes to emails. This may have niche uses, as we already include a number of Placeholders such as Registration ID for scanning at bib pickup. But this introduces complete flexibility to generate a QR Code out of any content.

We provide a quick way to insert standard QR Codes:

You can also insert Placeholders. This is more for advanced users, so make sure you practice with some tests before using it. This allows for a lot of creativity especially with uploaded contact lists where you might have custom placeholders that include a QR code with the bib number for alternative ways to do packet pickup or result lookups at a kiosk. Make sure to actually use the format for placeholders – for example %REGISTRATION_ID%, and make sure your email contact lists you are sending to have that data in the system or in the contact list already.

Participants will receive an email that you can fully customize:

In the coming months we will likely add a drop down list based upon contact list data for entering the Placeholder.

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