Custom Favicons for Race Websites

A favicon is the small logo that appears on the tabs of browsers, helping users differentiate between open tabs. It also serves as an additional branding opportunity for the website. By default, RunSignup websites pull in the RunSignup favicon, and GiveSignup websites display the GiveSignup favicon. Custom favicons for Race Websites are now available so that events can replace the default RunSignup favicon with their own.

This is especially powerful for events using their own domain or subdomain, which RunSignup hosts for free.

Add a custom favicon to your event by navigating to Race >> Race Website >> Theme, then click Race Logo. Below the website logo, you’ll be able to upload a separate favicon image.

Note that because favicons are so small, you may want to take time to customize the image you use to make it basic. It won’t be possible to display text or detailed images in browser tabs. For example, look at the difference between our regular RunSignup logo on the left and the one we use for favicons on the right:

RunSignup continues to introduce more features to free Websites. Custom favicons for Race Websites give events even more options to fully brand their site. Events can cut website costs and overhead by moving to RunSignup for their full event website.

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