RaceDay Scoring v4.0.9 is Now Available!

Feature Updates

When adding a Scored Event, we now use the default Race Date instead of the current date for the approximate start time of day date.

Added a restriction so that it is only possible to include one dual meet report section per report.

Having multiple dual meet sections was found to cause a significant slowdown due to the number of sections that could potentially be generated, so we decided to restrict reports to only allow users to add a single dual meet section per report.

Improved Trident streaming to ignore non-read messages.

We found that Trident included system status messages that we did not need to be getting, so we no longer will try to parse these records anymore.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a few bugs that could cause reports to not get deleted properly when Scored Events have changed.

Before this update, if you had a Lap Scored Event set up and then deleted it, we would not delete the associated reports. Then if you tried to back the race up to the cloud or export it, we would show a warning that some reports may not be imported.

In addition, we found that the default report cleanup process would not go through all Scored Events, which could result in other instances of reports existing without their original reference.

Fixed a bug with non-RunSigup Races that would clear out the Event association from Teams if race settings changed after the initial setup.

This would cause problems with reports not showing any results if it is a team report.

Fixed an issue in Participants > Actions > Fix Unknown Reads which would cause the page picker to show more pages available than actually existed.

Fixed a bug causing Team Name to not populate in the RaceDay Hub Announcer Kiosk Window.

Fixed an issue when editing Marker Read Occurrences that would cause them to not change in the user interface (even though the underlying data has changed).

Corrected an issue with Race Director exports if the timezone data was missing that could cause the race that is built in RaceDay Scoring from a Race Director export to not have the appropriate time zone applied.

Corrected an issue with missing Participant Data fields that could cause reads to be ignored.

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