Tickets App v1.1.28 is Now Available!

We’re happy to announce the latest version of the Tickets App, which focuses on improving the experience of users who offer Standalone Store Items, Store Item Fulfillment, and more!

Feature Updates

Standalone Store Purchases are now displayed in the list of Purchases and Tickets.

We show statistics about the number of Store Items on that Store Purchase that were purchased and fulfilled.

The Store Purchase Fulfillment action can now be done on the Ticket View.

Previously, it was only possible to fulfill store purchases from the Ticket Purchase view. However, with this change, you can fulfill store purchases from each Ticket separately.

This will come in handy if you are using an individual Ticket lookup method, such as scanning a QR code of a Ticket Number, and then need to fulfill store purchases specifically for that particular Ticket.

Added support for navigating directly to the Store Fulfillment View when typing in a Ticket Number that matches an existing Ticket.

Implemented the ability to step through each Ticket on a Ticket Purchase if any CheckIn Steps are enabled.

For example, if you require that Ticket Numbers must be assigned in order to check in a Ticket when using the Check In All function, you will be prompted with a step to assign a Ticket Number for each Ticket on that Ticket Purchase.

Improved user messaging when event is not setup and ready for Tickets app usage. 

We will let the user know that the event that they are trying to load may currently be private, and to check the Event Publish Settings area on their Event Dashboard to make it public so that it can be loaded.

Added a note to the Event List when no matching Events were found, letting the user know that they must enable CheckIn for their Event in order to load it, and where to find that on their Event Dashboard.

User interface adjustments to the Ticket List, Ticket Detail View, and More Settings area.

  • Added shortcut to Change Configuration from the More Settings menu.
  • Added information on Ticket Detail View letting the user know details about it’s checked in status (particularly useful for Multi-Use Pass Tickets).
  • Moved Auto-Show Camera setting to “CheckIn Step” section.
  • Updated Ticket List alignment and button colors.

Bug Fixes

Corrected an issue where Camera Scan buttons persisted after leaving Camera Scan mode.

Fixed a bug that would cause the Store Fulfilment Button to show when Store Fulfillment was disabled.

Fixed Lookup Speed Setting not applying.

Available today from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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