EMail Deliverability

Our customers will send over 500 Million Emails this year on our platform. The email clients like Gmail and Outlooks continue to try to help recipients weed out unwanted email. Google recently published additional steps they are taking to ensure emails are appropriate with a focus on email validation. Yahoo is also ratcheting up their standards as well.

There are three items they are focusing on:

  • Authenticate Emails – this means complying with a variety of standards like DKIM, SPF and DMARC. RunSignup does this on behalf of customers and has a very high ranking for quality and deliverability.
  • Enable Easy Unsubscribe – Again, RunSignup takes care of this for you and ensures emails that we deliver have good Unsubscribe mechanisms. We track unsubscribes on a per event basis.
  • Ensure Wanted Emails – Gmail tracks spam rate reports and will cut off services. We segment our email traffic and monitor these parameters and take both proactive and reactive action to remove senders with high spam rates to protect our overall deliverability.

We encourage our customers to spend some time reading some of the resource below to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to keep deliverability rates high. This Google article on Email Send Guidelines is worth studying.

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