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Emails sent from Email V2 now contain an option to View in Browser. This is another new and exciting Email V2 feature that lets your event seamlessly share sent emails on social media with permanent URLs for email campaigns. Since we use Email V2 for RunSignup’s Email Marketing we are now able to share our sent newsletters!

The View in Browser options look great on both desktop and mobile.

There are two ways that you can view sent emails in a browser and get shareable URLs.

1. Email Footer

There is now a View in Browser option in the footer of every sent email from RunSignup Email V2. Any recipient will be able to click to view in a browser or share via social media. Note that this only shows on new emails created and sent from Email V2. Resending a past email will not contain a view in browser link.

2. Sent Emails

You can also get URLs for Emails via Sent Emails. Navigate to Email V2 >> Manage Emails >> Sent Emails. For all new emails sent, there will automatically be a View Email option. This opens in a new tab with your Email URL.

Two notes on View in Browser via Sent Emails:

  1. Right now, any placeholders used in a sent email will show as a placeholder (for example, %FIRST_NAME%). For recipient specific placeholders, this will always be the case. However, we will make an update in the next week or two to automatically replace placeholders under Race Details with text. If you need to share an email with standard Race Details placeholders, send the email to yourself and use the View in Browser link from the Email footer.
  2. We have not backfilled the Sent Emails page, so View Email will only appear on new emails sent. If you want to get a URL for a previously sent email, you can resend the email to yourself. Just be sure to remove previous recipients and add yourself as a single contact recipient (this is how we got the RunSignup newsletter URLs).

Email V2 continues to get more features – and it is always free and unlimited. Still using Email Marketing V1? Learn more about transitioning to Email V2.

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