Sneak Peek: Easy Membership Search and Renew

We are getting closer to our beta release for the new Membership system – hopefully by the end of January. This feature is in the system already and you can see it on a sample Membership system that is live on our production systems. Note the sample site does not have the full easy to signup process and this is just a Sneak Peek.

The new Membership system will allow for signing up without creating a full account on the system or creating a password (although right now it still requires a password). We are using the light weight and easy to use mechanisms we developed for TicketSignup. That signup process is still not live on the sample site, but the Signin process in place, although the UX is still a bit rough.

There is a Find Your Membership capability now:

Entering a name will return the matching membership. Over time we will introduce membership management capabilities like we have in TicketSignup. In this example, it shows the membership dates for this member:

Renewing a Membership

The new Membership system has auto-renew, but if you do not want to enable that, or members want more control over renewal, there is an easy way to do those renewals now the the member search capability.

Entering an email finds all the memberships tied to that email. In this example, the membership is expired (or about to expire) and can be renewed:

Clicking on the “Renew Now” button will send an email:

Clicking on the email, will take the person right into renewing their membership. One of the options they will have is selecting when the start the membership (the date autofills to begin when the old one ends):

The system is also smart enough to know that this person has a login account, (and shows that option in blue on the left), but also offers the easy “Renew Without Account”. That will send an email to that email address with a link to click and essentially “login” even if there is no full account with password:


These new features will make our membership system even easier for members and directors of membership organizations.

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