Founders Corner – Apple Vision Pro Review

I got the new Apple Vision Pro to test if it might be an alternative for our developers as a next generation replacement for monitors. The concept is that you could potentially have a lot of windows open, they can be very large, and surround yourself potentially 360°. The short answer is I don’t think they are ready yet…

This is me on the left (Marlise says from the back I look even more bald), and this is what you see in the Vision Pro. I had up my Mac desktop primarily and a Message window on the right messaging with Marlise. The rest of the background is what I see in my kitchen.

Here are the Pros and Cool Things:

Cool things:

– Control things by looking at it and tapping your finger.  For example there is a 6 digit signin security option.  You look at the keypad numbers and tap your index finger and thumb.  Amazing and it is quick.

– Expand and shink windows by looking at the bottom right corner and brining your finger and thumb together and just gesturing in and out to make it bigger or smaller.

– Close and move windows by looking at the bottom of a window and looking at the X (and tapping) or looking at a bar and moving.  So I can start up an Apple Music window and move it way over to the right so it is kind of out of sight unless I turn my head and eyes in that direction.

– Multiple windows.  Arrange them all around your field of vision or stack them and bring a back window to the front by looking at the edge.

– Display your Mac display and still use your trackpad and keyboard.  This is kind of why I bought it to see if any developers might prefer this to having a monitor (or multiple monitors).  While it is cool, I do not think it is ready for that use case yet.  You can only have one display at a time, and while you can make that display HUGE and you can look around it, it feels like it is too close and you would have to have a bunch of windows on it.  Plus it is too heavy to wear for any length of time.

– There is a keyboard that you can use in the VisionPro and it works kind of neat, but is a bit slow (or maybe it just takes more practice). You look at a letter on the virtual keyboard and you tap your finger and thumb. It has the suggested autocomplete words that appear like when typing a message on your phone to speed things up a bit.

– Background is like you are looking thru ski goggles, so you can see the room and people around you.  But it is not entirely natural and you have a bunch of windows that if you are looking at them are solid.  It is cool to “immerse yourself in a scene” like being in the Rockies or in a winter snow scene, but feels too weird.

– The sound is very good without earplugs.  So playing Apple Music is nice.


– It is heavy.  I had it on for about 45 minutes playing with various things this morning and it is not something you can wear for a long time.  There is a fair amount of weight that rests on the cheekbones and leaves a mark.

– While I can see things around me, there is this separation from my surroundings that is just weird and more overwhelming than Airpods for example.

– Marlise makes fun of me.  When I got them 2 days ago I was playing with them and she took a picture of me and sent it to the family and they all piled on that I looked pretty silly.  Which is true…


I could see future versions being somewhat useful as they become lighter and make you feel less separated from the world. Kind of a combination of the old Google Glasses with the features of Vision Pro.

Here are a couple of the funny pictures from our Dev team after I sent out my notes:

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