Customer Revenue Increases – More Positive News for Events

One of the key indicators we watch is how much revenue our customers are generating by using our platform. There are two interesting reasons for this:

  • It shows if customers are growing their businesses, and particularly after the pandemic, the following numbers show that business is back for our customer base!
  • When looking at RunSignup as a business, we want to make sure we are keeping our customers and able to help them grow over time. That is healthy for customers and healthy for our business.

If you have never seen a cohort analysis (and yes, this is a back end report that we can run in less than 5 minutes across all transactions and customers from all time at any time), this eye test spreadsheet will take some time to digest.

Customer & Community Growth

Each row looks at the amount of $Transaction volume the new customers from that year generate in each succeeding year. So the first row is our first year of 2010. There are still 12 customers from that year that are still generating revenue on our platform in 2023. Each column shows the amount of $Transactions that set of customers had in each succeeding year (period). So reading from left to right, those customers generated $66K in 2010, $180K in 2011, $242K in 2012, on out to $448K in 2023.

Each row shows the total plus the % increase over the first year those customers were on our platform.

Taking another example, the new customers from 2019 had $35M in transaction volume in 2019, and had $59.9M in 2023.

Taking the farthest cell in each row shows what those customers from each year generated in 2023. Here is an easier view of just the 2023 data as a % of the first year:

This shows that customers from each year are generating more revenue than their first year. This is far better than 2020 where every year was well below 100% of their original year), but also better than 2021 and 2022. And we are seeing positive early trends for 2024 as well.

RunSignup Business Implications

From a RunSignup business perspective, this is very healthy foundational growth of our business. Even though we have churn of customers each year (we report on this in our Quarterly and Yearly Reviews). We get a “double growth” to our business – existing customers grow and we have new customers join us (that second column that you can not see, but is averaging over 4,000 new customers (separate tax ID’s) each year.

This growth is what allows us to continue to develop more software to help our customers grow and perpetuates this virtuous cycle for our customers and for us. Let’s keep it going!

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