Growing Your Race with Club Partners

Races are now able to use new tools to partner with local Running, Cycling and Triathlon Clubs to grow their race. Many running, cycling and triathlon clubs use RunSignup and our Next Gen Membership system.

Races can approach local clubs and suggest they can offer a discount to Club Members. This benefits the race because clubs can promote it to their club members! And it benefits the club because members are getting a discount!

This is very simple in the Race Dashboard to add a discount for one or more clubs:

Races can easily find a club with the search tools. This one is by 25 mile radius of 08057:

This search is for a specific club (Pikes Peak Road Runners):

Become a Member during SignUp for the Race

If your race is particularly friendly with a club, you can also ask them to enable club membership joining during race registration. This of course gives more visibility to the club, and provides participants with a discount to the race when signing up for the club. Again, this is simple for your race to set up in your race dashboard:

Only one club can be associated with this feature per race.

RunSignup again makes this simple as we split the registration and membership into separate transactions behind the scenes and pay the race and the club the appropriate amounts.


We are building an integrated set of tools that help the endurance community increase cooperation to grow the overall community. We hope you find these tools helpful!

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