Leverage AI To Improve Your Communications

Out of creative juice or just looking to punch up your communications? We’ve done a little AI testing to see how it can help you build copy for your email and websites.

What Can AI Do for Your Race?

Before you turn over all your responsibilities to AI, remember that you still need a sentient being to feed in the correct event details, make sure the final copy is clear and coherent, and double-check the AI version for accuracy and readability. On one test, Google Gemini generated a website address that was close, but not correct. But, AI can help human writers in several ways:

  • Adding a little personality. If you’re struggling to think of a new and fun way to say the same thing, AI can help with creative wording.
  • Improve formatting. We found that AI did a good job at breaking up text into digestible bullet points and used font styles to emphasize the most important elements.
  • Create multiple versions. Not sure what text would work best for your email? Use AI to help create a few variations, then A/B test your emails to see what versions have the best results.
  • Make the old new again. When it’s your 10th year of the race and you have templates that work, it can be tough to mix up your copy – after all, you already have copy. AI can help add a bit of a twist that makes your old language feel brand new.

What Did AI Do With Our Email Copy?

There are many AI tools out there, some dedicated directly to writing emails. For our testing we went with a well known version: Google Gemini. For this test, we took some old copy from the McGuire’s St. Patrick’s Day Prediction 5K and fed it into Google Gemini to see what alterations it would come up with. You can see both versions below.

Original Copy

AI Generated Copy

As you can see, the generated version includes all the same details as the original. But it also added a little more party atmosphere to the email opener – very much in line with one of the race’s key selling points. Beyond that, Google Gemini broke up what was previously a bit of a wall of text into bullet points. That, along with added bold text, helps to call out the most important parts of the message.

If you’re using AI to improve your process, let us know! We’d love to share more examples of how customers are using tools.

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