Donation E-Cards

We are very excited to announce that E-Cards are now available when supporters make a donation. Your event can give donors the option to add a personal touch to their giving experience with RunSignup’s Donation E-Cards – and incentivize more donations! E-Cards encourage donors to give to your nonprofit’s event to celebrate their friends and family.

RunSignup’s Donation E-Cards offer flexible E-Card capabilities, including:

  • Choose E-Cards from our gallery, or upload your own! This is a great way to add more touchpoints with your nonprofit’s brand.
  • Automatically display E-Cards for donations, or condense with a checkbox that only expands when donors choose to send an E-Card.
  • Donors can choose when to send their E-Card. This is perfect for birthday, holiday, and other special occasion donations! Rather than delivering the E-Card immediately, donors can choose the date when they want the E-Card to send. (Note that E-Cards will send from our system every 15 minutes – if an E-Card is scheduled for today, it will send within 15 minutes after a donation is completed.)
  • Combine E-Cards with our Mail a Card functionality for full flexibility!

How to Enable E-Cards

To enable E-Cards for your event, navigate to Donations >> Setup >> Tribute Information. There are three options to enable.

  • Enable E-cards: This allows donors to send notifications to their honorees, letting them know a donation was made in their honor.
  • Use E-card by default: This automatically displays E-Cards on the donation step of registration and the standalone donation page when enabled. If you do not enable E-Cards by default, donors can click the checkbox with Tribute Information text to expand the Mail a Card and/or E-Card options.
  • Enable E-Card designs: Choose designs from our gallery, or upload your own! Designs should be 550 px x 350 px. Tip: Use Canva to quickly and easily design E-Cards!

RunSignup continues to add more features to help events raise more money. E-Cards are a powerful way for nonprofits to give donors more options when donating, while prioritizing a fast and efficient donor checkout experience. Our next release will give donors the option to hide the donation amount on E-Cards (it currently displays by default). We look forward to seeing how nonprofits use Donation E-Cards to enhance their events’ donor experience.

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