Prevent Data Loss, and Recover From it More Easily With the Latest Version of RaceDay CheckIn

RaceDay Checkin is one of our most popular products. However, there are instances where races discover that one or more of their devices failed to sync changes to RunSignup. If this is not caught in a timely manner, it can make a Timer’s day very difficult, as they will have to manually track down participants with missing bib assignments.

We are constantly working to improve our app and prevent any issues that could prevent syncing with RunSignup. However, there are always some exceptional cases that we may not have encountered before. To tackle this, we have introduced some changes in version 44 of the CheckIn App. These changes will help prevent users from editing data while there are pending changes that are not being sent to RunSignup. Additionally, new ways have been introduced to manage the pending sync queue. This will help users recover from situations where a device has stopped syncing.

Added Configuration Setting to Prevent Checkins After X Queued Edits

We are excited to announce a new feature that allows you to prevent devices with queued edits from making further changes. This feature will be particularly useful if you have in the past experienced issues where your devices stopped syncing during check-in, but the operator failed to report any issues to the check-in coordinator. As a result, a large batch of changes were not synced back to RunSignup.

By enabling this setting, you can effectively lock down a device that has X number of changes waiting to go to RunSignup, so that you can have someone troubleshoot the device or export the queued edits to manually enter them on the back end.

To access this setting, go to Configuration Settings > General Options > Prevent Check-ins After X Queued Edits.

Added Shortcut to Pending Sync Queue in Sync Warning Banner

We have implemented a warning banner that appears to users when there are pending sync items stuck in the queue. Now, if a user taps the banner, they will be directed to the Queued Edits area, where they can view the stuck edits, retry syncing, clear the items, or export them.

Furthermore, the banner will display the number of items currently stuck in the queue, giving them an idea of how many changes have not been sent to RunSignup.

Added The Ability to Clear Queued Edits

Occasionally, there may be edits that are in the pending sync queue but will never be transmitted to RunSignup. This could happen if someone modifies a custom question response, but before that change is transmitted to RunSignup, someone else alters the question type in such a way that the response is no longer valid. There are other unusual scenarios that can cause the entire sync process to become stuck on a device.

We’ve implemented a method to clear all Queued Edits on a device, enabling it to resume syncing moving forward.

Available today from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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