Next-Generation Event Invoicing

We automatically upgraded RunSignup’s Invoice system to our next-generation Event Invoicing. Yes, we safely deployed incredibly complex financial code during the day on April 11th while 4,889 events sold more than 30,000 registrations and tickets. The new professional interface makes it easy for recipients to pay online or offline, and upgraded Invoice reports make it simple to manage and track pending and complete invoices.

All pending invoice links sent prior to the upgrade are still valid links and can get paid anytime. Previously paid and pending invoices now display with our new, next-gen invoice reporting.

Next-generation Event Invoicing is the same code that’s available to send invoices from ticket events in TicketSignup. This means that we can efficiently and easily add invoicing to Memberships in the near term. It also sets us up to have shared code for adding ACH payments later this summer (for payments greater than $1,000) for races, peer to peer fundraising events, memberships, and tickets. In addition to the upgraded professional invoice look, enhanced reporting, and platform investment efficiency, next-generation Event Invoicing also offers enhanced sales tax setup for invoices.

Create an Invoice

Go to Sponsors >> Financial >> Invoices if you have enabled sponsors or Financial >> Invoicing for general invoicing (click Show More to display Invoicing). Click Create an Invoice.

Then fill out invoice details for the individual or organization that you are invoicing:

  • Bill To Name, Email, Address: This is the information of the person/organization you are invoicing.
  • Invoice Amount: How much you to charge the recipient.
  • Processing Fee: Choose whether to absorb, pass on, or split the processing fee.
  • Due Date: Enter the date when invoices are due.
  • Invoice Details: Include the details of what the invoice is for. For example, you can include the details of what a sponsor receives for their sponsorship level.
  • Sales Tax: RunSignup automates your sales tax to keep you in compliance by calculating, collecting, and remitting sales tax for you. This includes invoices. By default, invoices default to the event and payer’s Generally Taxable Items sales tax. You can also customize the sales tax amounts with our intuitive and easy-to-use sales tax setup. For example, a sponsorship for an event may be entirely a donation, so you can enter the full amount there (i.e. $1,000 donation). Or there may be a taxable portion (i.e. $200 for the meals for a sponsor table) and a non-taxable portion that is a donation (i.e. $800 donation).

Click Send Invoice once you have completed your invoice. The confirmation screen will display the invoice status (Pending), details, and links to resend, copy URL, and record an offline payment.

You can also generate invoices directly from a Sponsor. Click Payments, then Create Invoice. You will create and send the invoice using next-generation invoicing.

Event Invoicing Notifications

There are two invoice notifications: General Invoice and Sponsor Invoice. The Sponsor Invoice will send when you create an invoice from the Sponsor, and includes placeholders specific to that sponsor. You can customize the invoice notifications by going to Race >> Notifications >> General Settings.

This is how a general (non-sponsor) invoice looks to the recipient.

The Pay Invoice button on the notification goes to a page where the recipient can remit payment. If you have added Offline Payment instructions (Invoice Options), those will also display.

Event Invoice Reporting

Once you create and send an invoice, you can view pending and complete invoices. There are report filters that let you adjust your view, including date(s) sent, date(s) due, and an option to only show unpaid invoices.

Click the hyperlinked Invoice Number to view invoice details, record an offline payment, or resend the invoice. For paid invoices, you can also issue a full or partial refund.

What’s Coming Next

RunSignup’s free and integrated Invoicing system makes your event’s invoices look professional and gives you reconciled financials with no sales tax burdens. In the near term, we will add Event Invoicing to Memberships.

Many events will use RunSignup’s event invoicing for sponsor payments. While many sponsors prefer to pay with credit cards, we will be adding ACH for payments over $1,000 later this summer. Longer term, we will leverage next-generation event invoicing for Sponsors V2.

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