Members Only Pages for Membership Websites

We have added a Members Only option (no, this is not the popular jacket from the 70’s) for Membership Websites. This allows membership organizations to designate a Page(s) or a Section(s) within a Page as viewable by members only when they are logged in.

In our example Membership website, we set a Members Only page under About Us:

If you are a member, you can see the menu item and the page. If you are not a member, you can not even see the menu item. The same is true for Sections.

This is simple to set on a page or on a section within a page. You can set this when creating the page or section, or by editing it.

This is very useful for private information. For example, we have a simple Member List component in Membership Websites that shows a list of member names. Over time we will expand that list to enable showing contact info like email and cell phone potentially as options. Most membership organizations would not want to show that information publicly, but would find it very convenient to show to members.

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