Email V2 Default Deduplication Settings

Email V2 default deduplication settings let you set how marketing and transactional emails deduplicate contacts. By default, deduplication settings are set to Email Only for Marketing Emails and to Email, Name, and Placeholders for Transactional Emails.

Overview of Deduplication Settings and Email Types

Deduplication Settings

  • Email Only: Emails send once to each email address, no matter how many times the email appears on the list. This is best for MARKETING emails.
  • Email and name – Each recipient with a unique name will receive an email, even if the email address is the same. 
  • Email, name, and placeholders – The email is only deduplicated if the name, email, and placeholders are all the same. This is best for TRANSACTIONAL emails. This means that if someone registered their entire family for a race, they will get an email for each participant. If you’re including placeholders like results or a wave time for the participant, it’s important that an email is sent for each registrant.

Email Type

  • Marketing: Promotional messages for your event(s). For example, emails promoting a registration launch or price increase for your race. Marketing emails often include system lists (past participants, donors, etc.), custom contacts, and contacts from your other events.
  • Transactional: Emails to participants, fundraisers, volunteers, etc. with logistical information such as packet pickup and QR codes for check-in. These emails are not promoting the event, but communicating information about it to those who have signed up.

You can update overall Deduplication settings by going to Email V2 >> Settings. They are automatically set to Email Only for Marketing Emails and to Email, Name, and Placeholders for Transactional Emails.

When you send an email, choose the type of email you are sending. Then you have the choice to override the default deduplication settings. Note how the recipient count updates to include fewer when the deduplication setting is Email Only vs Email, Name, and Placeholders.



The Email V2 default deduplication settings are set to the best settings based on email type for events. This helps events send the correct number of emails depending on whether they are marketing or transactional. It is easy to update the default deduplication settings, as well as override for each individual email that you send.

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