Event List for Website V2 in Races, Ticket Events and Memberships

We have added our powerful Event List component to Website V2 for Races, Ticket Events and Memberships. This enables any race or ticket event to have a list of other related races on their website. Here is an example with the Grid Option for display:

The component can be placed anywhere on any website, so you could have a page dedicated to it, or even put it at the bottom of every page on your event website. This is convenient for organizations that have multiple events, and it allows for cooperation between events that might be on different dates bbut serve a similar community where they promote each other’s events.

Adding the component is simple – just click the + sign on your webpage builder and you will see the new component:

Once you have added it, you can edit the settings. This allows you to put in the ID numbers for any race, ticket event, partner or timer on our platform.

You find the ID number by looking at the dashboard pages and seeing a number appear in the URL.

Also, we will be adding easier selection of events by showing the names of events that the director and event are associated with. For example, all of the races and events owned by an organization or set up by a director.

This is a great example of the power of having a single Website capability across our entire product offering.

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