RaceDay CheckIn User Experience Updates

In response to user feedback, we have enhanced the CheckIn Confirmation View in the latest version of RaceDay CheckIn to improve user clarity and streamline the check-in process.

Updated CheckIn Review

We identified that some users misunderstood the status of their CheckIn upon reaching the Review page, often selecting the “Go Back” button instead of finalizing with “Save & Continue.” To address this, several updates have been implemented:

To address this, we made several updates.

  • Removed “Go Back” Button: The “Go Back” button has been removed from the bottom bar. Users can still return to the participant record to correct any CheckIn errors before finalizing.
  • Clarified CheckIn Status: The checkmark above the Participant name now reads “Check In” instead of “Checked In,” emphasizing that the CheckIn process requires completion by the user.
  • Updated Save Button: The save button now prompts users to “Complete Check In” with a checkmark icon, underscoring the necessary action to finalize participant check-ins.
  • Enhanced Information Display: The CheckIn Review page now displays all relevant fields from the participant’s event registration preset, reducing the need for users to revisit previous screens for information.



“Go Back” Dialog Improvement

We have also refined the dialog that appears when users tap the back arrow on this page, ensuring clarity that unsaved changes will be lost if they proceed.

These updates aim to enhance user experience by providing clearer guidance and reducing confusion during the check-in process in RaceDay CheckIn. Your feedback continues to shape our product, and we remain committed to delivering an intuitive and efficient event management solution.

Available today from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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