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About Advanced Running Project

Advanced Running Project was founded by Brandon Hough in 2018 with the goal to provide runners with best-in-class races to create healthier communities. After working for some larger races, Hough focused on creating great races to sponsor local elite runners. Started by a runner for runners, Advanced Running Project takes the necessary qualities to make a great race and brings them to life. Advanced Running Project currently has four races: The Crossroads 5K, the Historic Germantown 8k, The Brook Mills 10k, and the Gem City Classic 15k.

Using Multi-Race Bundles

Advanced Running Project relies on RunSignup’s multi-race bundle feature to turn individual races into a race series. The feature gets rid of the need to register for each race individually and allows participants to sign up for two or more races in a single transaction. ARP has seen an increasing amount of people utilizing this feature to create their own race series.

To incentivize multiple registrations, Advanced Running Project
offers a 10% discount across the board when participants register for a multi-race bundle. This discount further boosts registrations for Advanced Running Project races and encourages runners to
explore races in different communities. Advanced Running Project even gives participants the opportunity to register for races in their bundle as a virtual race after the event has passed. If they have extra supplies, runners will receive a medal for the race after signing up, giving anybody the chance to participate throughout the year.

In addition to providing flexibility to runners and race directors, the feature also allows timers to upload seriesresults with ease. Results data is automatically shared across all races in the bundle. The feature makes the entire race process simple for all parties involved.

In 2019, Advanced Running Project saw 147 registrations under their Miami Valley Race Series, making up 40.5% of their average registrations per race in 2019.

Volunteer Management

Race Directors often wear a lot of hats, one of those hats being that of the volunteer coordinator. Managing volunteers can be tricky, but Advanced Running Project uses the RunSignup volunteer function to manage them with ease. Organize volunteer duties and set minimums and maximums. ARP uses volunteer reports to quickly determine the volunteer tasks that need help and who to contact.

Using the RunSignup Reporting Feature

The simplicity of RunSignup’s reporting features makes it easy for Advanced Running Project to track the statistics they need in real-time. The Race Dashboard reports on several functions across the platform, from registration, to donations, to participant demographics. Race Directors can customize their race dashboard to view reports in a variety of ways, such as line graphs, pie charts, and tables.

“When I learned about the multi-race bundle it was a complete lifesaver. It made tracking who’s signing up for the whole series very easy … What we’re seeing more and more is that the majority of participants that are doing all of our events are signing up in one go through the multi-race bundle.”

Brandon Hough – Founder of Advanced running project

One report that ARP uses heavily is donation reports. With each race supporting a charitable partner, Advanced Running Project relies on donation reports to evaluate the performance of these partners. Donation reports are separated into high-level reports of total donations going towards each charitable partner, butfurther refined through a pie chart of donation amounts. ARP has raised over $1,700 in charitable donationswithin the past year and a half. Donation reporting allows them to identify which partners are generating the most donations, and how much money the average runner is donating

RunSignup’s Inventory Tracking Feature

In addition to donation reporting features, Advanced Running Project uses reporting to keep inventory of their giveaway items. The RunSignup platform automatically tracks the number of shirts among registered participants by size. These sizing breakdowns can be analyzed with historic registration data to come up with a relatively accurate forecast of required merchandise. For example, if you have sizing breakdowns for 500 current registrants and historically have about 1,000, you can multiply your order by two for each size. These reports help avoid over-ordering and under-ordering of participant gifts while minimizing post-race waste.

Advanced Running Project and GiveSignup

“The second I heard about GiveSignup I wanted to learn more because I have a lot of charity partners I work with and charities I’m involved with in my community that I know could benefit from it.“

GiveSignup takes the same CRM capabilities that the RunSignup platform is built on and enhances them to support nonprofits. “User interface is everything,” and GiveSignup’s clean interface makes the platform easy for nonprofit volunteers and staff to use no matter their level of technological skill.

In a technological world that is quickly advancing, GiveSignup provides nonprofits with the solution they need to raise more and save time.

Key Takeaways

1. Multi-Race Bundles allow Advanced Running Project to bundle several races together at a discount, incentivizing and boosting registrations.

2. Volunteer management helps Advanced Running Project to quickly and easily communicate with volunteers so they can focus on other tasks come race day.

3. RunSignup’s Giveaway Reports lets Advanced Running Project forecast needed promotional items based on the current supply, eliminating excess giveaway items.

To read other customer case studies, you can visit the RunSignup website, or check out our YouTube channel.

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