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About DC Timing

DC Timing has been in the endurance business since 2002, timing cross country, track and field, road, and trail races. In addition to timing running events, they also provide their services to cycling and mountain biking events. DC Timing utilizes top-of-the-line racing technologies to provide runners with quick, efficient race results.

The company has grown significantly since they first started back in 2002, timing over 300,000 participants in 2019. Pairing their timing technologies with the RunSignup RaceDay suite, DC Timing strives to deliver a high- quality, efficient RaceDay experience to their runners.

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Racing

DC Timing views themselves as the technology consultant for the races that they serve. With many race directors unaware of how to use a database management system, they rely on timers to guide them through the processes. Using a combination of timing hardware and software, along with RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite, DC Timing has been able to satisfy their customers with the services they offer.

David Flaugher views the endurance industry as part of the entertainment industry. “Most people aren’t doing this so they can run the Olympic Trials or participte in some high-level events, we’re doing it for fun,” says David. The RaceDay Suite gives DC Timing the resources to provide runners with an unforgettable race day experience.

The RunSignup suite of products fits our needs, but it fits the customers needs. That total package is what we look at, again, as part of the entertainment industry that we actually have to see ourselves in.”

– David Flaugher, Founder of DC Timing

Elevating your Event with RaceJoy

RunSignup’s RaceJoy application allows race directors, timers, and spectators to track a participant while on the course. The app increases spectator engagement by allowing them to send cheers to friends and family throughout the race. For race directors, the app has helped combat safety issues.

At DC Timing, RaceJoy is for everybody. “We haven’t found a race that we don’t offer it to, 5k on up,” says David Flaugher. The company has also found it beneficial to program messages to runners at specific mile markers.

The programmable messages have proven especially beneficial from an advertising standpoint. For example, DC Timing uses the audio markers at specific points throughout the race to advertise a sponsor’s services. This has allowed DC Timing to add another revenue stream to their business while keeping sponsors happy through promotions. “The customers who are plugged into RaceJoy are definitely hearing the message and you can see them taking advantage of what’s being offered.”

In addition to providing customers and sponsors with a great race day experience, RaceJoy has proven beneficial for timers as well. DC Timing has been able to track when a runner finishes in the event of a chip malfunction. They can then go back and check the finish line camera for an accurate estimation of a runner’s finish time.

To set RaceJoy up for your race, go to Race Dashboard >> RaceJoy >> Setup.

Simplifying Packet Pickup with the RaceDay Suite

RaceDay CheckIn

DC Timing has been able to simplify check in processes with the RaceDay CheckIn app. Using the app helps them gather an accurate list of runners at the start of the event. “You can teach someone how to use it in minutes,” says David Flaugher. 

With bigger races, DC Timing can have about a dozen volunteers with phones and tablets equipped with RaceDay CheckIn. This eliminates long lines and creates a more positive race day experience for everyone.

Dynamic Bib Assignment

“Packet pickup, for us, has become one of the easiest things we do and traditionally it’s one of the hardest things you do as a race director.” 

The RaceDay CheckIn app supports dynamic bib assignment, allowing race directors to assign bibs as runners check in. The feature eliminates the need to search through a pile of pre-labeled bibs, allowing race officials and volunteers to pick the bib closest to them and assign the number. Everything integrates with a variety of timing solutions so race directors have an accurate list prior to the start of the race.

Going Green with RaceDay Suite

Being environmentally friendly is extremely important for DC Timing. “We’re solar powered on all of our timing trailers and we try to get away without printing anything,” says David Flaugher. The online nature of RaceDay CheckIn has allowed DC Timing to take their sustainability one step further, eliminating pages of paper registration information.

Key Takeaways

1. By using the RaceDay Suite in congruence with their other timing products, DC Timing acts as a technology consultant for race directors.

2. DC Timing takes full advantage of the RaceJoy platform to elevate their races. RaceJoy gives them the chance to sell audio ads to sponsors, automatically playing at specific audio markers. They also use RaceJoy in the event of a chip malfunction, verifying finish times with a combo of the service and FinishLynx cameras

3. A sustainable race day is very important to DC Timing. To eliminate paper at their events, DC Timing uses RaceDay CheckIn and dynamic bib assignments. In addition to creating a digital check in process, it also gets runners ready to race faster.

To read other customer case studies, you can visit the RunSignup website, or check out our YouTube channel.

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