Cross Country Guest Timer: Lowell Ladd with 2L Race Timing

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Cross country timers are invited to watch this webinar with Lowell Ladd, founder of 2L Race Timing. We focus in on his use of RaceDay Scoring for Cross Country and Lowell will share the unique considerations involved with cross country events.

Watch now and learn how Lowell Ladd moved from working road races to cross country events. Additionally, he explains his timing set up and how he brought it to the next level with boards, visuals, and audio. Lowell goes on to answers a wide range of guided questions about staffing, lessons learned, and loosing customers to competitors.

Lowell supervises and operates the full spectrum of timing services – RFID chip timing, Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) with FinishLynx, and meet management for Track & Field Competitions. He has FEMA Special Event Contingency Planning, a valuable asset that he brings to all events operated by 2L Race Services as well as other groups that bring him in to assist with event management. A veteran of countless running events, Lowell has done 19 marathons and won 8 of those with a personal best of 2:22:34. Lowell is also a PIAA official in Track & Field and Cross Country.

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