Coronavirus Tools: Where are we Today?

It’s been a crazy few weeks since Bob first posted some suggestions for races that may be impacted by the Coronavirus. Now, with races across the country getting creative, we wanted to take a moment to collect all the updates in one place.

Postponement Tool

The Postponement Tool (which can be used for more than just postponement!) was released on 3/12/20, allowing you to create a pop-up and email notification to alert runners of the status of your event and allow them to choose their option for moving forward.

Blog information on Posponement Tool

Webinar Recording on Postponement Tool
Link jumps 18 minutes in, where discussion of the tool begins

Virtual Race Updates

With many races turning to virtual options to keep their participants engaged, we’re updating our virtual tools and providing education.

Simple Virtual Race SetupThis how-to is your very basic, we’re very much in a hurry transition steps to get up and running with a virtual event.

Transitioning to a Virtual Race Webinar: This webinar reviews the steps above, as well as more advanced options for event transfers and results…but keep in mind, we’re updating results and you can see the first update below.

Virtual Race Results (Original): This webinar covers the steps for turning on an Enhanced Virtual Event allowing participants to submit their results by text, email, or on a form.

Virtual Race Results (Update 1): This new update makes it easier for the results above to be entered on your site. To see updates, view the blog and the webinar.

RaceJoy Tracking & Cheers for Virtual Events: This webinar covers new options with RaceJoy that allow a race to upload multiple courses that can be run over a range of time – complete with real-time cheer spending from remote spectators, runner tracking, progress alerts, and in-app communications. Work with a certified timer to offer this option and give your virtual run the feel of a real RaceDay.

Financials and Logistics

In addition to new reserve and payment policies, we have some updates to help you manage the situation.

Chargeback Notifications: These new race director notifications will allow you to reach out to participants who submit chargebacks. While we’ll still dispute them on your behalf, it gives you another chance to try to change a participant’s mind.

No processing fee on refunds: We’ve made refunds cheaper by removing the $1 fee per refund. Additionally, we’ve lowered the Processing Fee to add money to reserve to 2.3% (or it’s still free by check or wire).

Letter to Congress: We wrote up a draft of a letter that you can copy, paste, and customize to send to your state’s representative asking them to mitigate the impact on the industry by stopping the processing of chargebacks on races while there are restrictions on events in place. Personalize yours and get it in the mail!


Creative Content Creator (and support superstar) Andrew Sigwart has a few new videos you can share with participants who are struggling through the process of deferring or transfering their registration.

Our coronavirus site is a continually updated hub for how-to’s, best practices, and creative solutions, and an ever-evolving community knowledge base.

Additionally, our blog is updated regularly with the newest information, releases, and webinars – and all of that is shared on our Facebook page.

What’s Next?

Like many of you, we’re all home now – but like many of you, we’re all still working. For the time being, our focus is more tools to help you create exciting virtual races, make easy manage participant changes, and communicate and connect with your participants. We’ll be back with more!

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