Increase Registrations w/Pricing: Encourage Group Participation

We continue the series on strategies to Increase Registrations with Pricing strategies by focusing on ways to apply discount incentives to encourage group participation and tap into the social nature that is the foundation of endurance events. This post covers two of the approaches available for race organizers using RunSignup’s registration platform: Multi Person pricing and Group/Team discounts. Both build in incentives for participants to encourage others to participate in the event with them greatly expanding your reach.

Multi Person Pricing

As a race director, you can create “Multi-Person SignUp Pricing” so that groups (ex: families or friends) can save money when registering together. There are many approaches event organizers can take with this type of incentive. For example, you can offer “family pricing” where the family members number 3 to member number 6 receive the discounted rate. You can choose to offer the discount for just one of your events (like just for the 5k). Specific date ranges can be set up where the discount expires or changes at specific dates. You are in the driver seat and can determine what the most appropriate discount is for your event.

You have three options for the type of discount you can provide:

Fixed Fee – Entire group will be registered at a single set price.

Overall Discount – Entire group will be discounted at this set amount.

Discount per Registrant – Each member of the group will receive this set amount as a discount.

For each “Group”, you can also decide whether participants registering at that discounted rate will be eligible for the “Giveaway” and/or “Membership Based Price Adjustments”. If you leave one or both of these boxes unchecked, then registrants using this “Multi-Person SignUp Pricing” will have the corresponding options available during registration. If you check off one or both of these boxes, then registrants using this “Multi-Person SignUp Pricing” will have the corresponding options disabled during registration.

Further Information on Multi Person Pricing

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Groups/Teams Discounts

Offering teams is an extremely effective way to grow registrations and participation at your event. We offer a number of webinars covering this very topic. However, for this post, we focus on the pricing aspect of teams and group registrations and how you can offer discounts to further incentivize participants to encourage their friends and family to register for a reduced rate.

As with multi-person pricing discounts, you have a variety of ways to customize the discounts you offer for teams where you control the various thresholds, the discount amount applied, and the dates they are applied. You can set up thresholds that must be met before the discount will activate -such five or more people sign up within the team. This way it isn’t just a blanket discount for anyone who registers as a team. Once that five person goal is achieved those that registered previously automatically receive a refund based on the discount you set up as shown below.

You can also set it up where the Captain of the team has the option to purchase the registrations for the entire team. This is very helpful for your corporate team events.

Offering these multi person types of discounts can expand your event’s reach and bring new participants. From a long-term view: Groups lead to a better race day experience – and a higher likelihood of repeat runners

Further Information on Groups and Teams:

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More Information

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