RunSignup Announces 2023 Timer Certification Tour

Four Timer Certifications Virtual Courses

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2023 four-part virtual Timer Certification tour. RunSignup’s Timer Certification program is designed to provide timers with in-depth product training on race related technology to support their efforts to provide high value services to endurance race events. The Timer Certification program includes free training covering RunSignup’s registration and marketing tools, RunSignup’s RaceJoy participant tracking app, RaceDay Scoring for scoring events, and newly added certification on RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app and Photo platform. Timers can pick and choose those courses they wish to attend and receive official Certification status upon completion of the course.  Timers can then promote their Certification as a differentiated value for their events. RunSignup’s Timer Certification tour will be hosted in a virtual format throughout January so that any timer throughout the country can attend. Those that complete at least one Certification course will receive this HotShot Yeti Rambler!

Current Certified Timers: We will offer Refresher Certification training in February for the ~600 timers who have already completed a course certification.

“Timers are the backbone to the endurance race industry and provide race organizers with indispensable services in addition to timing and scoring events. They are viewed as the technology expert for events and it is why we have a RaceDay division dedicated to building software to support timers and their timing  business. Our certification program is designed to give timers access to advanced technology so that they can help their events be successful in encouraging greater participation and deliver an efficient and engaging race experience. We’ve been very pleased by the reception of timers for training and are excited to now offer a course focusing on two RaceDay participant-focused products: RaceDay Photos and the popular RaceDay CheckIn app,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

The certification courses are designed to provide step-by-step guidance on RunSignup’s technology and empower timers to grow their business and help their events to provide a positive race experience. RunSignup’s Timer Certification program now includes four different courses for timers to receive in-depth product training. The general RunSignup Timer Certification empowers timers with an increased understanding of RunSignup’s registration features, free marketing tools, and fundraising capabilities available to them so that they can in turn offer guidance and services to help their events attract higher registration levels. The RaceJoy Timer Certification course trains timers on the backend setup and support of RaceJoy and enables them to offer RaceJoy’s participant tracking and cheer sending as an add-on service. The RaceDay Scoring certification course offers an introduction to RunSignup’s scoring software that new and established timers are turning to with ~800,000 scored finishers in 2022.

The RunSignup RaceDay CheckIn and Photos Certification course is a new addition to the program. Timers will be trained on using the RaceDay Photo solution where race organizers and participants are able to upload unlimited photos and timers can integrate auto tagged photos with results.  The RaceDay CheckIn app has quickly become one of the most valued RaceDay products by race organizers to help create an efficient packet pickup experience. In 2022, 2.8 million participants were processed through the RaceDay CheckIn app and 1.3 million photos were uploaded using RaceDay Photos.

The 2023 Timer Certification Tour will take place throughout January and will be held in a live Webinar format. All timers are welcome regardless of their registration provider or timing and scoring technologies used. Timers can register for the free certification courses below:

RunSignup Timer Certification: January 10, 12pm to 3pm EST

RaceJoy Timer Certification: January 17, 12pm -4pm EST

RaceDay Scoring Certification: January 24, 12pm -4pm EST

RaceDay CheckIn app and Photos Certification: January 31, 12pm-3pm EST

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