Email V2 Automated Emails

We are beginning to roll out Automated Emails to the next generation email system. Today, we have Price Increase and Incomplete Registration emails ready to set up. Over the coming several weeks, we will add the remaining automated emails – Registration Followup (aka Drip Campaign), Sponsors and RaceJoy.

The new email system allows customers additional flexibility in scheduling as well as customizing your emails. We include a default schedule that we have seen be most successful, as well as default content to make it easy to just flip a switch to turn them on. When you turn on a V2 Automated Email, it will turn off the corresponding V1 Automated email automatically.

The Incomplete Registration Email will go out by default 1 hour after the person starts to register (we collect the email on the first page of registration). In addition, you can add additional email followups – for example a day later:

You can also edit the default email in the editor. One of the things you might want to do is a simple reminder on the email that goes out in 1 hour, but a second email might contain a coupon code (Note some of the easy to use components that can be added to make your email look great).

The Price Increase Email is set for the number of days/hours before your price increases. It is also smart enough to send two different emails – one to people who have yet registered, and one for people who already are. Again, you can set options for additional emails, timing and a set date.

We should have all automated emails available in V2 in February. We have a number of other items to complete, like adding Email V2 to the Partner Dashboard, Copy Email, Private Labeling and a few other small items. We expect to disable sending from Email V1, but still having access to those emails, around the end of Q1 or the beginning of Q2.

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