Ending Email Private Labeling Option

As we transition to Email V2, and try to maintain our free email service, we are announcing the end of Private Labeling for all emails from RunSignup. This means we are ending the ability to private label that we had introduced in 2016.

Back in 2016 we added this feature to improve deliverability. Since that time we have invested quite a bit in email deliverability, and most customers do not have the ability to have this level of maintenance on their email deliverability. For us to be able to build and monitor and coordinate with many customers on an ongoing basis is not feasible for a free email product.

This does not have a huge impact on branding. We provide the ability to set the From Name, Reply To Name, and Reply To Email Address in the setup:

Here is what a sample Email V2 email looks like in Gmail on a desktop and on Apple Mail on a phone. Note most email clients show the From Name as the primary display field, and all email clients will use the Reply To Address that you set for your event:

Private Labeling will be discontinued today or tomorrow on Email V1 as we progress to move to Email V2 and continue to provide our free email services.

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