*The new website is now live (and you’re reading this on it!).

Over the next week or so, we will be releasing a new “content” website for RunSignup – We have spent the past couple of months creating new content for the website so that customers and prospective customers can find information more easily. There are a number of new content sections, like a comprehensive list of past and upcoming webinars. Also, we have moved over a number of blog posts from our old blog (and left the old blog alive since the search engines have so much indexed content). This means it is very easy to do a search that crosses over blogs, webinars, webpages and more. Also, we are tagging blog posts so the newest ones will automatically appear on webpages on different topics – for example the Triathlon page will have the most recent 3 blog posts appearing on the page automatically. Also, we have made it much simpler to update content so our team can keep the website much more current and helpful to our customers.

The old content pages were actually being served from our platform – meaning that changes were more difficult given the requirement to do code reviews and hold to very strict PCI standards even to fix a comma on a webpage. The way we will run both sites seamlessly is to duplicate the homepage for the new content website on, as well as include a menu system that will redirect most pages to the correct page. This means that there is no change to how race websites are being served.

We hope you like the new website and find the content useful. One of the things you will note is that we are using real photos from customers instead of the old illustrations we introduced several years ago. If you want to share your photos with us, please contact lizzy at

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