RunSignup Roadshow to Replace Summer Symposium

We are 3 cities into our 11 city winter Roadshow schedule, and the feedback has been great, and we have decided to replace the Summer Symposium with a continuing Roadshow.

Some of the nice comments we have gotten include:

“Better than the Symposium because I get to talk with other people involved with our local endurance community.”

“I drive 8 hours for the 3 hours to be with you, and it was worth it!”

It is also far more cost effective and energy efficient. We replaced the Winter Symposium with this Roadshow to help our customers control costs as we know many races are still down from pre-pandemic levels with many higher costs. It also cut our costs by about 50% (putting the Symposium on is expensive).

We are also reaching more people. The most people we ever had at a Symposium was about 280, and we have over 400 people signed up for Roadshow stop so far – and likely 500+ by the end of the tour.

We always loved putting on the Symposium, and we may return to a format like that at some point in the future, but for the rest of 2023, we will be planning on visiting as many places as possible to bring the endurance community together.

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