Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is for sharing love and we LOVE Valentines themed fun runs! Check out a few that are happening this February.

Cupid Shuffle

The cupid shuffle has 2 event distances for runners to pick from, along with the option to join a 6 race event challenge in the winter run series. This is the 16th year of hosting this challenge and serves as a great way to support runners during the long winter months in Wisconsin.  

Cupid’s Crawl 10K and 5K

The Cupid’s Crawl 5K & 10K has a great cover page set up to share information about the event. With a cohesive color scheme, colorful photos, countdown clock, and sponsors block to make an organized layout. The volunteer platform is setup for this event to easily manage volunteers as well as the tasks needed to be done on race day. Lastly, RaceJoy is set up for this event so you can cheer on runners and watch progress live form your mobile phone.

My Muddy Valentine- 5k Obstacle

The 5k obstacle run is a valentine’s event taking place in the mud! Upon completing the course Runners receive a hoodie, medal, and beer. Participants also have the option to register for the course as a couple or an individual. The race gets creative in showing off their swag by customizing their display tiles with an image.

Wrightsville Beach Valentine Run

Wrightsville Beach Valentine’s Run gives runners a scenic course to run along. This race gives 3 options to runners, including a 5k, 10k, or both (one after the other) for “ double trouble”. The race page has a great use of buttons to redirect participants to the exact information they need. This race also has added a “find your next race” sub menu page where you can find a long list of races open for registration hosted by the racing company. 

Fresno Valentine Run

The Fresno Valentine Run is the final valentine’s themed run we’re highlighting. This run has donations set up to raise money for the Shinzen Garden in memory of Ken Takeuchi. The race also included a fun promotional video on their homepage to get runners excited about the event. To carry on the festivities after the race there are lots of photo ops with fun characters, a costume contest, mimosas, bounce house, and more. The Fresno Valentine Run is a fantastic way to spend quality time with the ones you love.

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