Unlocking Fundraising Success: DONNA Marathon’s Executive Director on RunSignup’s Platform and More

Unlocking Fundraising Success: DONNA Marathon’s Executive Director on RunSignup’s Platform and More

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Napolitano, the Executive Director of the DONNA Foundation, responsible for overseeing the DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville, Florida. During our conversation, Amanda shared valuable insights into best practices for fundraising events and maximizing the potential of RunSignup’s comprehensive products and features.

In our discussion, Amanda covered a range of topics, including registration, fundraising, RaceDay Checkin app, RaceJoy, and Ticket Signup, to name just a few. She emphasized how these tools can be effectively utilized to enhance the overall experience for participants and race staff. Amanda highlighted that the primary reason they transitioned to RunSignup this year was the seamless integration between registration technology and fundraising features, which proved to be remarkably user-friendly both during setup and for participants.

The DONNA Marathon experienced an impressive 61% increase in the number of fundraisers after making the switch to RunSignup’s platform. She attributes contributing factors to this growth are from RunSignup’s seamless functionalities and intuitive fundraising capabilities. To gain further insights, we encourage you to watch the recording above, where you’ll discover valuable practices such as offering special pricing for local participants and empowering individuals to be the face for fundraising efforts since people donate to people.

This is a great resource for discovering innovative ways to leverage the comprehensive technology available at RunSignup!

SHORT Takeaways

Below are some very SHORT clips of the key takeaways from our chat with Amanda:

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