Add Additional Recipient Lists to Automated Price Increase Emails

You can now add additional Email recipient lists to automated Price Increase Emails in Email V2. This is a powerful tool for new races that want to take advantage of RunSignup’s automated Price Increase Emails. It also helps events that have additional Email Marketing lists and want to include on Price Increase Emails.

In 2022, automated price increase emails accounted for 1.9% of all registrations on the platform. We expect this percentage to increase with Email V2’s superior deliverability rates and better mobile performance. By adding additional recipient lists to automated Price Increase Emails in Email V2, events can leverage this free Email Marketing tool to drive sign ups.

To add additional recipients to automated Price Increase Emails, navigate to Email V2 >> Automated Emails >> Price Increase. Click the edit icon for the automated email that sends to Last Year’s Participants and excludes Current Participants (by default this is Email #2).

Click the Edit icon next to Recipients at the top of the page to add additional recipient lists.

You can now include or exclude lists. In this example below, we include a custom list, Moorestown Turkey Trot 2021, as well as all Past Participants.

Note: For events enabling automated Price Increase Emails in Email V2 for the first time, the list will default to Past Participants. For events that have already enabled Price Increase Emails in Email V2, the default is still Last Year’s Participants. You can include Past Participants manually as shown below. Past Participants defaults to the past 3 years of participant data to ensure good deliverability.

The additional lists are now included on the automated Price Increase Email. Click Save Automated Email on the main email page to save your changes.

RunSignup continues to add powerful marketing features to free Email Marketing.

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