Automated Price Increase Email Migration to Email V2

Today we are running a migration to move anyone still using legacy Email Marketing for automated price increase emails to Email V2. We enable the default price increase email template by default. Email V2 retains your scheduled sends. For example, if you previously had 1 price increase email sent 5 days before and another 2 days before, we will automatically enable both of those in Email V2.

Default Price Increase Email
Migrated price increase emails with multiple scheduled sends.

If you were previously using a custom automated price increase email template, you will need to recreate it in Email V2. You can access and view your previous legacy Email Marketing price increase email templates! Navigate to Email Marketing >> Automated Emails >> Price Increase.

You can use these as a reference to rebuild Price Increase Emails in Email V2.

This is part of our full transition to Email V2. Later this week or early next week, we will migrate incomplete registration emails. Once the migrations are complete, you will no longer be able to send from legacy Email Marketing. However, you will still have access to all your data and past emails in legacy Email Marketing, including custom lists, sent emails, and templates that you had created.

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