Remaining Automated Emails in Legacy Email Marketing

We have already done 3 major migrations to automatically move settings from Legacy Email Marketing to Email V2: Email Capture, Automated Price Increase Emails, and Automated Incomplete Registration Emails. Today and tomorrow, we will be running a migration to disable remaining automated emails set up in Legacy Email Marketing. These include automated Registration Followup Emails, Automated Sponsor Emails, and automated RaceJoy emails. Note that we will not migrate these emails; rather, you will need to recreate them in Email V2.

You can still access all past automated emails from Legacy Email Marketing. If you want to refresh your content when recreating emails in Email V2, we’ve added ways to help including:

  • Prebuilt Emails: Shortcut creating new emails with RunSignup’s prebuilt email gallery. We have a number of marketing emails featuring referral rewards that are great for registration follow up emails. There is also a RaceJoy Reminder Email to set up an automated RaceJoy email in Email V2.
  • Sponsor Grid: We make it easy to add and customize how your sponsors display in emails. Perfect for recreating an even better automated sponsor email for participants.

In the coming days, we will continue to shut down Legacy Email Marketing. You will continue to have access to all legacy recipient lists and sent emails; you’ll just be unable to send new emails from Legacy Email Marketing.

Email V2 has significantly more features and better deliverability than Legacy Email Marketing. We are continuing to invest in adding even more Email Marketing capabilities for events this year.

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