Umbrella Fundraising Teams for Peer to Peer Fundraising Events

Peer to Peer fundraising events can now create Umbrella Fundraising Teams. Umbrella Fundraising Teams group fundraising teams into super teams. Umbrella Fundraising Team pages feature dynamic counts for number of teams, number of team members, and total donation amount raised by included teams. There is also a description, image, and a feature of fundraising teams belonging to that Umbrella Fundraising Team. Umbrella Fundraising Teams for Peer to Peer fundraising events can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Themed events. For example, an animal shelter that allows fundraising teams to choose Team Cat or Team Dog and encourages friendly competition to raise more.
  • School fundraisers. For example, fundraising teams per classroom and Umbrella Fundraising Teams for each grade.
  • Corporations. Participating companies that have multiple fundraising teams (i.e. Marketing, Sales, Development) and want to have an overarching corporate fundraising team (i.e. RunSignup).
  • And more! We can’t wait to see how events leverage Umbrella Fundraising Teams!

How to Create Umbrella Fundraising Teams

First, your event must enable team fundraisers. Then click Umbrella Team Settings.

Umbrella Teams can only be created by the event, and not by fundraisers. When fundraisers create a new team, they can select an umbrella team to join. Alternatively, you can manually add teams to an Umbrella Team from the dashboard (perfect for introducing Umbrella Teams mid-event). Click Create an Umbrella Team.

Then add an Umbrella Team Name, description, and logo (optional, but recommended!). Select a Donation Period. In most cases, this is the Current donation period. Similarly, in most cases events can ignore the External ID (this is only used for P2P events that are bringing over Umbrella Teams from a different platform and want to retain that data). Finally, you can select any fundraising teams that you want to assign to that Umbrella Team. Click Save.

Umbrella Fundraising Teams can be edited at any time from the dashboard. It’s also easy to track how many teams have joined.

When fundraisers create a new fundraising team, they’ll be able to select an Umbrella Team to join. Note that Umbrella Teams are always optional.

Fundraising teams that are part of an Umbrella Fundraising Team will now show the Umbrella Fundraising Team on the team page. Clicking that will take fundraisers to the Umbrella Fundraising team page, which highlights the total amount raised by all teams and the included teams.

Umbrella Fundraising Teams are another way to gamify and enhance Peer to Peer fundraising events. In the future, we will add Umbrella Fundraising Team components for Websites V2. GiveSignup continues to invest in fundraising features that help nonprofits raise more, while delivering best-in-class event technology used by more than 28,000 events each year.

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