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About a month ago we released our new Memberships product. It’s a new iteration – and improvement – of our old clubs sites and the response so far has been incredibly encouraging.

We’ve had over 100 clubs and organizations sign up for the new product, making use of all the incredible features like modern websites, auto renewals, customizable membership lengths, and the ability to cross promote events by offering things like membership discounts. 

To celebrate our early joiners, and give a glimpse of what’s possible with our new Memberships product, we wanted to highlight a few membership websites created with the product and share a list of those who’ve joined. 

Outstanding Membership Websites

Below are a few running clubs we think have made some truly outstanding Membership Websites. Read on to discover the features they’re using, and what makes their websites special. 

  1. Run Wild Missoula 
  2. New Orleans Track Club
  3. Fredericksburg Area Running Club

Run Wild Missoula  

Run Wild Missoula is a wonderful organization focused on bringing runners, and walkers, of all ages and backgrounds together in the Missoula area. They boast over 2000 members currently and are growing every month. 

Using the dynamic membership options they offer a couple different membership options, as well as a longer-term which offers a discounted rate to those interested. They also used a number of the different website building components like cards, and image carousels, to make their membership website dynamic and engaging for viewers. 

Since they’re a non-profit they’re also utilizing the donation feature, which allows members and non-members to donate directly to their organization without signing up for a membership. And to offer one more option for people to show their support, they also have a store where people can buy different apparel like t-shirts and hoodies. 

New Orleans Track Club 

The New Orleans Track Club – or NOTC – is a non-profit organization that raises money for charitable causes in the greater New Orleans area, all while bringing local-area running and walking enthusiasts together.

They use the homepage of their Memberships Website to share more information about their mission, as well as some of the top perks people enjoy when joining the club. They also used customizable buttons to share links to their main website, as well as Facebook, so interested people can connect further. 

Along with an impressive and informative homepage, they also offer multiple membership options ranging from individual and family memberships, to youth and senior membership. They also have a special membership for active and retired military personnel. 

The NOTC also has an events page on their memberships website where people can see, and register for, the different events they host throughout the year. Cross-promotion is a very powerful feature of our Memberships product. Organizations can even choose to offer things like member-only discounts to further incentive participation in their events. 

Fredericksburg Area Running Club

The Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC) is an organization focused on educating, and engaging, their local community to help them understand, and reap the benefits of, physical fitness and sport. Their site shares information about their organization, as well as shares the different ways they interact with the community through things like events, and newsletters. 

FARC also offers multiple membership types – like individual, family, and student – as well as the option to choose different membership lengths (12 or 24 months). They also utilize the Strava map feature, which allows them to share the route of their weekly Saturday run. 

A step forward

Our new Memberships product is catching on quickly. Early adopters are already seeing the benefits and creating beautiful websites that will serve their clubs and members well for years to come. If you want to learn more about what’s involved in setting up your own membership website, check out this article.

And if you’re ready to build a membership website of your own, you can do so here. 

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