Power and Flexibility in Memberships

The Membership product is designed to be flexible in a variety of ways to fit the many needs of different organizations. The quick list parameters set up multiple Membership Levels:

  • Duration
  • Type
  • # of Members
  • Age Range
  • Optional Auto-Renew
  • Pricing Flexibility
  • Discount to Events Based on Levels
  • Additional Store Item Bundles Based on Levels

Let’s dig into these in more details on setting up Membership Levels and use some examples:


Directors can set the duration of a specific member level and set a price for each duration (you can set up multiple durations and prices that members can choose to join). For example, here is a sample swim club membership set of options members can choose from:

Yearly. This can end on a single day like December 31 so everyone in the membership organization renews then. Or it can be set to start the day the member joins so there is rolling membership renewal. If you choose a specific day, there is an option to make it a flat fee no matter what time of year you join, or prorated, where we calculate the % of the year left and apply that to the cost.

Monthly Duration. You can select the number of months you want to offer. With the ability to have multiple levels, you could offer different “volume prices” for different numbers of months – say $10 for 1 month, $55 for 6 months and $100 for 12 months.

Monthly durations can be convenient for Public Radio or TV stations that might have Member Drives to commit to various monthly levels. As we will cover below, there can be bundled benefits for the various levels of say $10, $50 and $100 per month.

Auto-Renew. Note you can also set auto-renew on these membership durations that is Opt-out. Note that you can set for those renewals to be enabled to renew at new prices in the future or to keep the original fee:

Daily Renewals. Just like Monthly, you can have multiple options like a 1 Day Pass and a 7 Day Pass:

Date Range. This allows you set specific date ranges, like the August swim club pass from above:

Type – Individual, Family and Organization

Membership Levels can take different forms based on how many people are within a membership. Individual Memberships would have none. Family and Organization memberships would allow X number of members. This allows directors to set up different levels – maybe $100 for Individual, $300 for 4 members, and $500 for 10 members.

Today we support Family memberships very well. In the coming months we will be adding the concept of an Organization membership. This would suit industry member organizations for example, where different companies joined and then appointed members.

Age Based Memberships

Memberships can also specify age ranges for membership levels. This makes it simple to set up Membership levels for Kids, Adults and Seniors, for example.

Membership Levels

All of these parameters then define the various Membership Levels that Members can sign up for. On the Dashboard, Directors see the list of Levels with the ability to edit, delete and add more:

Here’s an example of adding a Membership Level for Kids showing all the various parameters shown in the sections above:

Discounts to Events

If your membership organization collaborates with races, those races can offer membership discounts to specific Membership levels. This helps to further differentiate Levels. For example a Silver Member might not get a discount or maybe only 10%, and a Gold Member might get a 50% discount.

We wrote a more complete blog describing Membership Discounts and Combining Race and Membership Signup together here. Note also that the Membership discount will be coming to TicketSignup later in 2024.

Store Bundles

We also offer the ability to bundle store items into your various Membership Levels. Again, Gold members might get a hat or water bottle, but Silver members might not get anything.

We wrote a more detailed blog on the Membership Store and Store Bundles here.


We built the new Membership product to meet the needs of a wide variety of membership organizations. The product puts the power and flexibility of designing and controlling your Membership Levels to meet the needs of your community.

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