Memberships Q2 Road Map Updates

Things are moving fast with our Membership product! We have over 200 membership organizations already using the new product. You can see some examples here.

We want to keep you up to date with the latest product road map so you can anticipate future releases. This update will focus on the next four months that wrap up Q2 and kick off Q3.


The big release in May will be a new feature, calculated store items for membership add-ons. In addition, the UX team is working on various releases that will simplify the member registration process. CSV imports and Apple Wallet are on the way and we’ll continue to add more Membership specific website components.

Key releases planned:

  • Calculated store items
  • Member registration UX improvements
  • “Start Membership Now” settings
  • CSV Imports
  • Apple Wallet member card
  • Website component: Membership discounts
  • Website component: Membership lookup
  • Website component: Membership search link and website component


June will focus around member interaction and making registration faster. We’ll see the initial release of the new member self serve portal which will be a members home inside of your membership organization, giving them the ability to manage their information and membership settings. The RaceDay team will be working to get members ready to check-in so be sure to have your check-in app ready on your phone!

Key releases:

  • Custom info collection during registration
  • “Fast Registration” for races and peer to peer events
  • Member Self Serve portal
  • Domains
  • Website component: Nearby races
  • Website component: Newsletter / email archives
  • Check-in app integration
  • API Updates for custom questions and coupons


We’ll shift back to financials a bit in July and focus on full refunds for membership purchases. Major report and analytics updates will begin and these will likely stretch into the coming months with many incremental updates.

Key releases:

  • Full refunds for membership purchases
  • Questions per member
  • Start report updates
  • Start analytics updates


Work will continue on the big updates from July. Donations will be added back into member registration and we’ll start to shift out attention to renewals with dynamic warnings to make sure that current members renew instead of joining with a new membership.

Key Releases:

  • Donations during member registration
  • Website pre check-in for members
  • Expand custom page access
  • Renewal warnings when joining and dynamic Join / Renew buttons
  • Continued updates for reports
  • Continued updates for analytics

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