Guest Post – Using AI for Customer Service of Events

Daniel Beasley shares how his company,, has helped a couple of RunSignup customers automate and improve customer service.

Coastal Race Productions uses the Chatbot for Events to answer questions for their races like the Pink Ribbon Run (Give it a try by click the link – it is really pretty cool). It has reduced incoming support requests by 90%, handling over 2,600 interactions to date.

Please note that David Hutnik of Coastal Race Productions runs a very tight ship. His website is amazing, with fully documented FAQ’s, so could be trained very well with the content on his website. But the system can work with less information, and will defer on questions that it does not know usually. Background

In 2023, Daniel Beasley was laid off from his work as a Director of Customer Experience. A true entrepreneur at heart, Daniel decided to return to his roots and do what he knew best – bring high-quality customer experience knowledge and system creation to small businesses. His years in the startup SaaS world gave him an up-close look and deep personal experience creating systems to solve customer experience pain points, and knowledge of how to decrease response times while maintaining the highest quality of customer experience. Taking what he knew and pairing it with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Daniel launched (pronounced ‘Q’), a solution designed to streamline support tasks so you can focus on creating a successful and unforgettable event. 

Shortly after launching, he presented the business to a friend in the race event industry who, after using for just a few months, saw a 90% reduction in inbound tickets. In just three months, the AI Assistant answered over 2600 questions, greatly decreasing his support burden. After automating his business using Queu, his friend’s time had been freed up to focus on the heavy-hitting tasks in his race business.

This proved what Daniel already knew – this valuable tool to help race events with one of their biggest pain points could quickly become an irreplaceable part of a business.

What Offers

In the dynamic world of race event management, efficiency is key. Whether you’re organizing a marathon, a cycling race, or a charity run, the demands on your time can be overwhelming. That’s where comes in, offering a groundbreaking solution to streamline your operations and elevate the participant experience.

Here’s how can elevate your race event management:

1. Quick and Accurate Responses through AI Chat and Email Assistants

  • Instant Information: Participants receive answers in seconds, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Availability: The AI Assistant is operational around the clock, ensuring no inquiry goes unanswered, even while you sleep.
  • Auto-Scrape and Auto-Train: Queu’s AI is trained directly from your event materials, automatically ‘scraping’ your website or knowledge base every 24 hours, ensuring the most accurate and relevant responses to common inquiries. From registration details to race day logistics, the AI Assistant is equipped to handle it all, effortlessly providing participants with the information they need.
  • Less work for you: Say goodbye to repetitive training sessions—train your assistant once, and it retains its knowledge indefinitely, only requiring updates when your content evolves.
  • Automations and Integrations: Ability to integrate into many common platforms and third-party vendors so you don’t have to recreate your current workflow.

2. Cost-Effective Operational Efficiency and Excellence

  • Cost-Effective: Get around-the-clock support help at a fraction of the cost.
  • Data to Analyze: Analyze the data and questions received to identify trends in customer inquiries. Apply what you learn to better your business and overall customer experience. 
  • Reduce Support Load and Focus on What Matters: By addressing repetitive questions, Queu significantly cuts down your inbound support requests so you only answer the one-off questions that the AI Agent cannot answer. This allows your team to focus on more complex issues that require personal attention like promoting your event and increasing participation.

3. White Glove Service for Larger Races and Events

  • Custom Setup, Programs, and Integrations: Is your company more complex? Let us help you develop an excellent customer experience no matter the size. 
  • Review of company’s knowledge base and FAQ pages: Consulting and creation of better support structure for race event company available.
  • Offloading all support inquiries and customer interactions to No time to handle any support inquiries? Let us help you manage it all. 

Proven Success with

Several RunSignUp race organizers have already benefited from integrating into their event management processes:

  • Coastal Race Productions: A long-standing player in the race event industry, Coastal Race Productions implemented Queu’s AI Assistant across all nine of their races.
  • The impact was profound, with inbound tickets decreasing by a remarkable 90%. In just three months, the AI Agent handled over 2600 questions, demonstrating its efficiency and reliability.
  • Negative Split Productions: Similarly, Negative Split Productions, another customer, embraced Queu’s AI Assistant to streamline their customer support workflow. By delegating routine inquiries to AI, they were able to respond more swiftly to critical inquiries and deliver faster, more personalized responses, enhancing participant satisfaction.

Elevate Your Event Management

At RunSignUp, we understand the complexities of managing race events. With its ability to streamline support operations and enhance participant satisfaction, is a game-changer for organizers looking to optimize their workflows and deliver exceptional events.

If you’re ready to elevate your race event management, visit today to learn more and start your journey towards a more efficient and successful race event. Integrate and experience the future of race event management.

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