Update on Fee Transparency Law Implementation

We are beginning to roll out the new pricing displays on our products effective today, June 7, 2024. This is a follow up to a more detailed blog where we review the new “Taylor Swift” pricing transparency laws that are mandating the display of price to include processing fees up front.

New York already has a law in place, and we have rolled out the new display on our Race Registration Tiles. it will take us several weeks to roll it out everywhere and we expect to be in a good place around July 1 when California mandates this.

Here is an example of what the display looks like for a $45 race that includes a $3.70 processing fee:

This is already being rolled out by other vendors like Eventbrite to comply with state laws. Here is an example of a NY event page pricing from Eventbrite:

We have also put a popup on the wizard pricing step for races created in states that have an active law. Currently that is only NY, but will turn on for CA on July 1, Minnesota and Maryland on July 1.

With penalties of $1,000 in California to $10,000 in Maryland, we expect most vendors will be implementing this pretty quickly, especially if the US Congress passes the bill the House has already passed.

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