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On-Site Events • Based upon the official course map(s). 
Virtual and Challenge Events • Automatically submits finish data to RunSignup’s results platform.

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RaceJoy For Participants and Spectators

Event organizers are able to offer participants and spectators – those that are able to attend the event or remote spectators around the world- with an interactive race day experience. RaceJoy makes use of the advanced features available within participants’ phones. There is no added equipment required.

Real-Time Tracking

RaceJoy provides participants with real-time GPS tracking of the participant’s location on the official course map. Spectators can track the participants’ location and progress real-time, enabling them to cheer on their participants at the right moment and location. 

Continual Progress Alerts

RaceJoy delivers continual GPS-based progress alerts to participants and spectators, notifying them when key milestones are reached and providing essential performance data. This helps participants to manage their performance and keep their spectators informed. 

Cheer Sending

Spectators can send personalized audio cheers or pre-recorded messages to participants, providing encouragement and support along the way. This interactive feature boosts participants’ morale and creates a sense of community, even in virtual or remote races.

Interactive Course Maps

Official course maps with off-course alerts are provided in RaceJoy and stored as native maps to ensure participants stay on course even in the most remote locations.

For Event Organizers

Offer a Big Race Experience

Participants and spectators now expect some form of tracking will be made available for most events. With RaceJoy, organizers can provide a big race level of experience for an economical price.

Improve Safety

Organizers have an at-a-glance view of participants’ real-time positions, making it easier to identify potential issues or assist participants in need.

  • Off-course alerts
  • SOS feature where participants can immediately alert staff about issues
  • Directional cues bolster a safer race experience.


Organizers can quickly communicate to individuals, groups, or all participants using text-to-speech technology. RaceJoy offers a valuable way to communicate urgent or important information directly to participants while they are on the course. 

Sponsor Promotion

RaceJoy offers event organizers the ability to showcase sponsors by integrating their branding within the app, recognition with each progress alert, banner ads, and custom course map.

More Customization Options for Event Organizers

Custom Course Maps

Event organizers can customize interactive course maps, highlighting key landmarks, water stations, and sponsor locations. Maps can be displayed on event web pages and are accessible in the app.

Custom Audio Experience

Events can deliver a unique audio experience in RaceJoy where pre-loaded audio files are played as participants reach scheduled locations on the course or milestones for virtual events. This helps event organizers to provide an engaging and memorable race experience.  

Custom Branding and Content

Each event has their own custom event within RaceJoy with the event logo, banner ads and content pages. Events can provide important information within the FAQ and Schedule sections of RaceJoy decreasing the inflow of participant questions.

For Timers

Timers who complete the RaceJoy Certification course are able to provide RaceJoy as an add-on service. Timers can also take advantage of RaceJoy’s backend tools like route replay and progress dashboards to verify questionable performance data and its race day monitoring dashboard to track the lead and tail and quickly identify any issue spots on the course.

Available Through RaceJoy Certified Providers. 

RaceJoy is exclusively available through RaceJoy Certified Timers. Check to see if your timer is certified in RaceJoy or search for a provider below. Events using RunSignup’s registration receive a substantial discount.

Bryn Mawr Racing Company

Bryn Mawr Racing Company decided to join RunSignup in 2014 when searching for a more flexible results platform. Prior to joining, Bryn Mawr Racing Company was providing runners with results in the typical, static PDF format. When searching for a more dynamic, clickable results experience, RunSignup started to come into the picture.

  • 54,000 Registrants in 2019

  • 289K In Donations across all races in 2019

  • 25% Increase in Registration from 2018

Latest Blogs on RaceJoy

RaceJoy Now with Native Maps and Participant Pause

We are excited to announce two significant advancements for RaceJoy, RunSignup’s race day mobile app. As a RunSignup product designed to elevate the race day experience, RaceJoy now supports Google native maps and stores course routes on Android and Apple phones for offline experiences. In addition, RaceJoy now offers optional Participant Pause feature ideal for lap events with rest times. These innovative additions expand the application of RaceJoy to a broader range of events and further solidify RunSignup’s commitment to providing comprehensive technology solutions to event organizers. 

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Unlocking Fundraising Success: DONNA Marathon’s Executive Director on RunSignup’s Platform and More

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Napolitano, the Executive Director of the DONNA Foundation, responsible for overseeing the DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville, Florida. During our conversation, Amanda shared valuable insights into best practices for fundraising events and maximizing the potential of RunSignup’s comprehensive products and features.

In our discussion, Amanda covered a range of topics, including registration, fundraising, RaceDay Checkin app, RaceJoy, and Ticket Signup, to name just a few. She emphasized how these tools can be effectively utilized to enhance the overall experience for participants and race staff. Amanda highlighted that the primary reason they transitioned to RunSignup this year was the seamless integration between registration technology and fundraising features, which proved to be remarkably user-friendly both during setup and for participants.

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Bringing Joy to the Race for Ten Years

RunSignup, the leading registration and technology provider for U.S. endurance events, announces RaceJoy’s ten year milestone. RaceJoy is RunSignup’s interactive race day mobile app with more than 1.7 million users at more than 6,300 events during the last 10 years. RaceJoy provides value to…

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Guest Timer Insights: Zack Loggins

The recorded Timer Tip Tuesday below hosts special guest, Zack Loggins, founder of Georgia-based Runners Fit Race Works timing and event management company. Zack started his timer business in 2010 while at college in north Georgia to help pay for his tuition and pulled from his personal experience as a runner. His first year resulted in timing 60 events and he has grown the business to now provide timing and event services for an expected 200 events this year.

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DONNA Marathon: Bringing It All Together

2023 was DONNA Marathon’s first year using RunSignup’s registration and we were impressed by how much the event adopted many of the features and technology available not only with RunSignup’s registration, but with our RaceDay tools, fundraising capabilities, and even our Ticket platform. Given their multifaceted approach, we thought other event organizers could benefit from an understanding of how using the various capabilities can come together.

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RaceJoy Milestones Using Google Maps

The recorded webinar below provides helpful instructions on using Google Map tools when building course maps in RaceJoy and focuses on setting up accurate milestone locations. It is important mile markers in RaceJoy line up to what participants experience on the ground. This ensures the participant is hearing and seeing a consistent experience as they pass mile marker signage on the course. James Harris covers how to create accurate milestone placements using coordinates and Google Street View tools.

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Timer Certification On Demand Now Available

RunSignup’s Timer Certification program now includes four free training courses covering RunSignup’s registration and marketing tools, RunSignup’s RaceJoy participant tracking app, RaceDay Scoring for scoring events, and newly added certification on RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app and Photo platform.

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Race Day: Kiawah Island Marathon

RunSignup’s RaceDay team volunteered at this year’s Kiawah Island Marathon prior to the race and on race day. Nine of us started race day at 4am to provide support for the event’s timing company, Go Race Productions. Crisp McDonald, the owner and operator of Go…

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SOS Alerts Now Available in RaceJoy

Participant Emergency Alerts for Race Day Operations We are very excited to announce the launch of RaceJoy’s new SOS participant emergency alert feature. GiveSignup | RunSignup’s race day mobile app, RaceJoy, offers live participant tracking and spectator engagement while empowering  race organizers…

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Massive RaceJoy Usage at the Midstate Massive Ultra Trail Race

The Midstate Massive Ultra Trail event, a point-to-point trail race with distances of 100, 50 and 30 miles in Massachusetts, has offered RaceJoy since its inception of 2019. This popular ultra New England event attracted close to 350 participants this last weekend and 78%…

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NEW: RaceJoy Participant Split Export & Route Replay

In response to participant requests, RaceJoy now offers the ability for finishers to export their finish data and view the route they completed. Previously, the data and route replay capabilities were only available for timers and race organizers on the backend of…

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