RunSignup Introduces Real-Time Strategy for Race Day

Innovation to Improve Participant and Spectator Experience

RunSignup is introducing the next generation of race day technology for real-time data for endurance events at RunSignup University on June 11. This modern race day technology enables all timers to provide real time information to participants and spectators.

The major technology pillar is RaceDay Scoring, the open platform used by timers to collect real-time chip data to provide results. The new capability is based on advances made with RaceDay Scoring V4, with the chip data collection mechanism upgraded to a super fast Rust software platform. This is important because timing systems produce 4 to 10 times the number of chip reads (and sometimes 10X that amount) for each participant in a race. At the start of a 1,000 person race, there may be 1,000 – 5,000 chip times sent to RaceDay Scoring within the 90 seconds that the participants take to cross the start line. For example, a 27,000 person race that was scored with RaceDay Scoring took in 49,000 reads from advanced MyLaps equipment (which pre filters the reads well) just at the start line. That race had a total of 245,484 reads.

RaceDay Scoring is now capable of processing that data stream in real-time and sharing it with other systems in open formats that will enable a new generation of applications for every race.

The key new features being shown at RunSignup University and available in Beta form this summer will be:

RaceJoy Real-Time

The RaceJoy App is undergoing a major upgrade to provide not only GPS data for those who wear their phone during an event, but also chip data in real-time. This allows spectators to see all participant tracking for races with intermediate timing mats with live, accurate data provided directly from the timing system. The combination of GPS and chip timing data available to any race will enhance the participant and spectator experience with features like in-app alerts and map displays. This brings features beyond the popular RaceJoy features like viewing participant location on an interactive map, sending cheers to participants, giving participants off-course alerts, allowing race directors to monitor traffic flow, and guiding meet-ups post race with GPS data.

Real Time Chip System Support

RaceDay Scoring V4 supports all major brands of chip timing equipment – MyLaps, ChronoTrack, Race Result, RFID, IPICO, Trident, RM Timing, Active Timing, Agee Race Timing, and many other potential systems via custom file stream format definition including Atlas/Impinj readers via Speedway middleware.

Local Streaming for Partners

We are opening up our local RaceDay Scoring API via Websockets to enable new third parties like NovusMage to provide real-time display technology like leaderboards, mid course display boards so participants can see their name, pace, estimated finish time and more.  The ability to have local middleware to process chip data reads will open up a new generation of applications that can reach every race.

RunSignup Alerts

We have provided near real-time txt and email alerts for splits and finish times for a number of years.  This new generation will provide in-app alerts. In addition, third parties like NovusMage, are building applications like video photo booths based on chip data to provide enhanced services for races.

RaceDay CheckIn App

Another key component of a real-time architecture is having the ability for real-time checkin of participants with assignment of bibs, fulfillment of giveaways and store items, and updating of important information. Many races now leave registration and checkin open even after the gun fires for the start of the race. And dynamic bib assignment has proven effective for even large races with over 10,000 participants. Real time extends to before the race even begins with the RunSignup platform.

Mobile Timing App

Our RaceDay Mobile Timing App will play an increasingly important role in our RaceDay Suite.  It is in the process of a major upgrade to ensure it can be the next generation of backup timing for large races and the default timing for small and remote races.  We also plan on adding the announcer capability to the Mobile Timing App that will be taking chip data in real-time so it can work with an announcer mat.  In addition, we plan to bring real-time photo uploads that integrate seamlessly into our free Photo platform so multiple photographers with nothing more than their cell phones can be positioned on course to upload photos that get auto-tagged so when participants finish, they not only get a txt of their results, they can see photos from on course of themselves second after finishing the race.  The Mobile Timing App will also be upgraded with live streaming to YouTube, again with nothing more than an iPhone and a decent Internet connection. The photo and YouTube capability was prototyped by a Rowan University research project this spring and put into open source.

Open RunSignup Results

Millions of results are posted to RunSignup from many different scoring platforms – our own RaceDay Scoring, Agee Timing, RunScore, RM Timing, RaceTec, CTLive, and others.  We have a well established, mature and fast Open API that all of these partners work with. Once posted to the online platform, it works with the rest of the RaceDay suite of real-time Email and TXT notifications when results are posted, auto-tagged Photos, as well as updates to participant data made by timers.

RaceDay Real-Time Capabilities Available to All Races and Timers

All RaceDay tools will continue to be offered to all timers for only $199 per year, including support.  Timers are encouraged to charge our list pricing for RaceJoy (Races need a Certified RaceJoy Timer to enable RaceJoy) and the new real-time capability it supports for a cost to races since they will have to create course maps and do the on site work needed to make everything run smoothly.

The new RaceJoy Real-Time is likely the most visible part of this new offering. We will be making significant modernization upgrades to RaceJoy over the rest of 2024 to make the participant and spectator experience wonderful and something every race can be proud of.  We will be highlighting the timer and race logos and branding within the app so our customers receive the credit and attention, while maintaining a low cost and ability to quickly make upgrades to our RaceJoy app.

This is a diagram of the RunSignup RaceDay Real-Time Architecture:


As this set of Real-Time capabilities rolling out in 2024 shows, RunSignup continues to invest heavily in a complete free platform that our customers and timers can use to provide a first class race day experience for any size race.  We also remain completely committed to maintaining an open platform that allows technology providers to integrate additional capabilities.

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