RaceDay Scoring is easy for new timers to learn and is designed to be used with all endurance types of events – from 5Ks to ultras and cross country, from individual to aggregate teams and lap events. Whether you have a running event, a triathlon, or any other mass participation sport, RaceDay Scoring is created with the timer’s needs in mind. 

Local Offline Scoring

No Internet required for scoring. Cloud-based backups and management.

Data Auto Sync

Bidirectional automatic synching between registration data, scoring kiosks, and RaceDay CheckIn app.

Flexible Scoring Options

For simple to complex scenarios – from standard road race to aggregate team scoring, lap events, and cross country events. 

Open Scoring System

Designed with an open platform. Use with any timing equipment and any registration software. 

RaceDay Scoring Training

Timers are invited to become a RaceDay Scoring Certified Timer by completing this free training course. The material provided provides a basic understanding of how to set up and use RaceDay Scoring. You can complete the recorded course on your own time and pace by watching this recorded class.

Use these files: Participant List and Chip Read File.

If you are already certified and just want a refresher on RaceDay Scoring, here is a shortened session that is an abbreviated version of the full certification course. 

Contact Us

Feel free to schedule one-on-one training to talk through how to use RaceDay Scoring and get your questions answered. 

raceday@runsignup.com | (267) 603-1469

Latest on RaceDay Scoring

RaceDay Scoring v3.3.39 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Added a notification if an Event has been deleted at RunSignup. This can cause issues if you are publishing results for a deleted event, so we recommend removing any registration events that have been deleted at RunSignup from use in…

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RaceDay Scoring: Transitioning with Roger Bradshaw

Roger Bradshaw, the founder of well-known Race Director scoring software that has been used to score millions of participants, provides step-by-step guidance on how to transition from The Race Director to its planned replacement, RaceDay Scoring. Roger has played a pivotal role in the design and testing of RaceDay Scoring and ensuring RaceDay Scoring meets the evolving needs of timers. Roger provides timers with detailed guidance on transitioning from The Race Director to RaceDay Scoring.

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.38 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Added support for importing State Names in the Participant import. Prior to this change, we would only import 2 digit State codes, or the full State and Country name. Now you can just use State name without having to include…

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.37 is Now Available!

Bugs Fixed Further adjusted green Race toolbar to better accommodate long Race/Timer/User names. Fixed an issue causing top finisher category priority to not be respected causing incorrect placements. Corrected an issue causing Timer account selection to be lost after closing the app…

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Guest Timer: Matt Smeltzer from Competitive Timing

In this recorded webinar, we welcome Matt Smeltzer, founder of Competitive Timing, a Montana-based company that offers timing and other services for events, including rentals, arches, finish lines, personalized apps, and participant tracking. Matt shares the key factors that enabled his company to expand from managing 10 races to over 300.

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RaceDay Scoring Certification Refresh

This recorded webinar is perfect for timers who wish to get quick training on RaceDay Scoring or a refresher on RaceDay Scoring setup process. This is a shortened version of the full certification course and walks timers through the basics of how to score endurance events with RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring solution.

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Timer Certification On Demand Now Available

RunSignup’s Timer Certification program now includes four free training courses covering RunSignup’s registration and marketing tools, RunSignup’s RaceJoy participant tracking app, RaceDay Scoring for scoring events, and newly added certification on RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app and Photo platform.

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.25 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Auto-Save Timer Info Fields now will pull from RunSignup Timer Account Info. The Questions Contact Email, Results Timer Name, Results Timer URL, and Questions Contact URL will now be prefilled with the data that you have set up on your…

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Race Day: Kiawah Island Marathon

RunSignup’s RaceDay team volunteered at this year’s Kiawah Island Marathon prior to the race and on race day. Nine of us started race day at 4am to provide support for the event’s timing company, Go Race Productions. Crisp McDonald, the owner and operator of Go…

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RunSignup Announces 2023 Timer Certification Tour

Four Timer Certifications Virtual Courses We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2023 four-part virtual Timer Certification tour. RunSignup’s Timer Certification program is designed to provide timers with in-depth product training on race related technology to support their efforts to…

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RaceDay Scoring Now Supports Lap Events

Time-Based, Cumulative Mileage Events Now Supported We’ve launched a new release of RaceDay Scoring to support scoring of duration-based lap events. RaceDay Scoring, the industry’s next generation scoring software, now supports time duration-based events where mileage cumulated may vary by individual finisher. RaceDay Scoring…

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