2022 Top 100 Largest Races

We are returning with our Largest 100 Races Report now that things are returning to normal (although plenty of things were not really back to normal still in 2022).

First, several notes:
– This is based on an earlier set of data we collected and reported on in 2019.
– The data is Total Finishers based on public results data for all events for each race weekend (eg. total of 5K, 10K, Half and Full)
– The data does not include untimed events, so many large P2P events are not included
– We likely missed some races! This report is very manual – let us know if something was missed so we can update – eric at runsignup.com (Thanks to Eric Cone for collecting and collating the data!)

2022 Top 100 Largest List

As expected, the numbers are down.
– A total of 408,483 finishers less than the 1,673,712 finishers in 2019 – down 24%.
– Only 14 races grew from 2019.
– There are 8 new races.

2022 Rank2022 Finishers2021 Finishers2019 FinishersNameChange 2019 to 2022Registration Provider 2022
158,85231,83653,519TCS New York City Marathon + Dash to the Finish Line 5k5,333in-house
242,78429,91745,852Bank of America Chicago Marathon + 5k-3,068Haku
334,87724,39160,636AJC Peachtree Road Race-25,759Haku
434,54542,342Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend-7,797Haku
532,99715,38535,127Boston Marathon + BAA 5k-2,130Custom
632,443virtual35,433Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas-2,990Active
728,5825,09541,197Bolder Boulder-12,615Configio
823,65732,362Disney’s Princess Half Marathon-8,705Haku
922,590virtual25,168Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend-2,578Haku
1022,35624,659United Airlines NYC Half2,303In-House
1121,9229,51226,967Honolulu Marathon-5,045local
1221,89820,60325,729Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K-3,831RunSignup
1321,478virtual24,709Chevron Houston Marathon / Aramco Half Marathon / ABB 5K-3,231Haku
1421,018virtual34,832Lilac Bloomsday Run-13,814local
1520,47411,20034,565Blue Cross Broad Street Run-14,091RunSignup
1620,397Springtime Surprise20,397Haku
1719,86010,19231,325Flying Pig Marathon-11,465RaceRoster
1819,3275,794NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half13,533Custom
1918,94411,94919,702St. Jude Memphis Marathon-758Blackbaud
2018,824virtual26,818Brooklyn Half Marathon-7,994in-house
2118,82120,26332,285Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Chicago-13,464Enmotive
2218,46610,92517,796Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon & Medtronic TC 10 Mile670RaceRoster
2318,27215,990Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon2,282Active
2417,7022,43019,965Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K-2,263Haku
2517,26018,65616,649Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon and Half-Marathon611Active
2616,782virtual18,336Bay to Breakers-1,554RaceReach
2716,772virtual20,781Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle-4,009Haku
2816,750virtual20,140Pittsburgh Marathon-3,390RaceRoster
2916,716virtual20,358Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile & 5K3,642MarathonGuide
3016,56322,60923,539San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon-6,976Active
3116,330virtual23,426Oneamerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon-7,096RunSignup
3216,02511,76729,287Cooper River Bridge Run-13,262Active
3315,076virtual16,864Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot-1,788RunSignup
3414,696virtual19,535Lifetime Miami Marathon, Half Marathon & Tropical 5k-4,839RunSignup
3514,182virtual23,06012th Annual Pat’s Run-8,878RunSignup
3613,65010,220Bay Bridge Run13,650RunSignup
3713,36211,92117,587San Francisco Marathon-4,225RaceCentral
3813,34314,1619,518BMW Dallas Marathon3,825RaceRoster
3912,70118,85224,485St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville-11,784Active
4012,6598,71118,806Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon-6,147Enmotive
4112,540Hood to CoastIn-House
4212,474virtual26,476Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend-14,002RaceRoster
4312,35811,51215,382Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K-3,024RunSignup
4412,3088,93926,096Los Angeles Marathon-13,788Active
4512,1294,66520,170Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K-8,041RunSignup
4612,0088,26625,107Army Ten Miler-13,099Active
4711,734CancelledStatesman Capitol 10K11,734Enmotive
4811,52010,01316,182Indianapolis Monumental Marathon-4,662Haku
4911,4137,33512,616Gate River Run-1,203RaceRoster
5011,3607,51112,414New Balance Bronx 10 Miler-1,054in-house
5111,273virtual13,333Santa Cruz to Capitol Wharf to Wharf Race-2,060RaceRoster
5211,1437,11213,510Drumstick Dash-2,367RunSignup
5310,900virtual12,682Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – San Francisco-1,782Enmotive
5410,54811,854NYRR Five-Borough Series: Queens 10K-1,306in-house
5510,23213,39213,106Detroit Thanksgiving Parade Turkey Trot-2,874local
5610,1544,63613,914Austin Marathon & Half Marathon-3,760EventDog
5710,0608,79617,020Baltimore Running Festival-6,960RunSignup
589,85110,723Colfax Marathon-1872Race Roster
599,8305,32818,852Cowtown Marathon-9,022RaceRoster
609,61813,789Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington (formerly Seattle)-4,171Active
619,5348,51711,912Buffalo YMCA TURKEY TROT 8 KILOMETER RACE-2,378RunSignup
629,48319,10917,056Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon-7,573Active
639,171virtual26,106Marine Corps Marathon-16,935Haku
649,1246,93012,530Columbus Marathon-3,406MarathonGuide
659,0669,65511,314Rocky Run-2,248Active
668,8748,0019,456Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon-582Active
678,75810,723Portland Shamrock Run-1965Active
688,6739,31111,396Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon-2,723Active
698,60986711,544Falmouth Road Race-2,935RaceRoster
708,60010,403Spring Lake 5 Miler-1,803RunSignup
718,5129,276New Balance 5th Ave 1 Miler-764In-House
728,4707,03814,348Oklahoma City Marathon-5,878RunSignup
738,4256,11510,750OC Marathon-2,325RaceCentral
748,416virtual13,942Crescent City Classic-5,526RunSignup
758,3727,9758,040California International Marathon332RaceRoster
768,3607,4199,956Manchester Road Race-1,596RaceRoster
778,3484,59815,569Utica Boilermaker Road Race-7,221RunSignup
788,3295,5538,536HOKA Chicago Half Marathon & 5k-207RunSignup
798,1656,109NYRR – Run as One 4M2,056in-house
808,1518,7669,848San Jose Rock n Roll-1,697Active
818,015virtual9,457Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – Atlanta-1,442Enmotive
827,878virtual10,817Hot Chocolate 15K/85K – Dallas-2,939Enmotive
837,8231,7879,972NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon and 5K-2,149in-house
847,4022,8758,880NYRR New York Mini 10k-1,478in-house
857,2506,8288,000*Dana Point Turkey Trot-750Active
867,0284,23410,239NYRR – Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run 4M-3,211in-house
877,0067,22918,957Grandma’s Marathon – Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon-11,951RaceRoster
886,9243741,160Seattle Cherry Blossom Run5,764RunSignup
896,9156,0745,006O’Side Turkey Trot1,909RunSignup
906,8515,6579,673Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon, 5K, Mile & Dash-2,822Haku
916,8077,071Skyway 10k-264RunSignup
926,7716,0545,356Mile High United Way Turkey Trot1,415Events.com
936,7223,6385,886NYRR- Achilles Hope & Possibility 4M836in-house
946,6844,5259,636Crim Festival of Races-2,952RunSignup
956,5984,5958,476Hot Chocolate 15k/10k/5k – Denver-1,878Enmotive
966,590virtual6,900Big House 5k-310RunSignup
976,5445,6266,835CPI Security Charlotte Turkey Trot-291RunSignup
986,5337,525NYRR Grete’s Great Gallop 10k-992in-house
996,22611,141Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and Half Marathon-4,915RaceRoster
1006,1154,8778,556Thanksgiving Day Race-2,441GetMeRegistered

Registration Provider

To summarize the registration provider data from 2022:

Of course, RunSignup has a far broader reach than the other vendors in the endurance market in the US as we outline in our Trends Report and 2022 Year End Report with over 24,000 races and 7.4 Million registrations.

Haku has spent the last 5 years targeting the high end of the market building custom solutions and sending personnel to races with a higher cost model that some races feel they want.

Active’s Top 100 business comes largely from the Rock ‘n’ Roll series (that has faced some headwinds as noted below in the races that fell off the list).

Race Roster has been very aggressive on the pricing front the past year and will likely increase the number of Top 100 races in 2023.

As we look into 2023, we know RunSignup will pick up a few Top 100 races and lose a few to Race Roster pricing (by the way, if you are a Race Roster customer, make sure you are getting your fair share and getting deals comparable to races like the Philadelphia Marathon and The Crim). From a RunSignup perspective, we want to continue to price comparably for races based on customer size (published openly in our Partner Contract) as we want to be valued for the technology we produce and not have customers chasing “deals” or getting locked into us as a vendor.

2019 Races That Fell Out of the List

Seventeen races fell off the list:

– 7 Races did not have enough finishers in 2022 to still make the list
– 4 Races were discontinued
– 2 Races were replaced
– 1 Race moved to Spring 2023
– 1 Race was virtual in 2022
– 1 Race we removed because it was virtual in 2019 and in 2022 and did not meet the Finisher requirement for this list

2019 rank20192022RaceRegistration Provider 2019
2025,244One year onlyTunnel to Viaduct 8k
2125,168DiscontinuedWine & Dine Half Marathon WeekendHaku
2623,668DiscontinuedStar Wars – The Dark Side WeekendHaku
4118,901Virtual RemovedThe Great Pumpkin RunRunSignUp
4317,7685,715Mercedes Corporate Run MiamiHaku
5613,823NoneRock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half MarathonActive
6213,063ReplacedRock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon & 1/2 MarathonActive
6512,6042,649Shamrock RunActive
7211,815VirtualGreat Aloha RunEvents.com
7611,273DiscontinuedRock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & 1/2 MarathonActive
7911,081RelaunchedRock n Roll Philadelphia Half MarathonActive
8210,6003,123The Giant RaceRaceRoster
8310,5544,588City of Pittsburgh Great RaceRaceRoster
8610,110Spring 2023The Ohio State 4 MilerimAthlete
899,8774,172Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – SeattleEnmotive
939,6574,452Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – PhillyEnmotive
989,4615,814Air Force MarathonRaceRoster

These hurt the other registration providers in the 2022 totals, although hopefully the races recover in the future.


As we discussed in our comprehensive Trends Report, large races were still suffering in 2022:

This is from a combination of participants not wanting to travel, disruptions early in 2022 from Omicron, and reduced marketing budgets due to cost containment efforts brought on by financial difficulty during the pandemic.

We are seeing encouraging signs in the early days of 2023. The pandemic also accelerated change as can be seen by the number of races who fell off from the 2019 list. Some old events are struggling with the new environment. The Facebook wave is over, influencers and video content are increasingly important, and participant expectations for unique experiences and value is shifting.

Some races are embracing these changes and using technology to enhance their marketing efforts, which is what RunSignup is focused on with things like our full featured and free Websites, Email, Referral Rewards program and innovations like Vouchers that go beyond Coupons as new mechanisms to reach target new audiences. We will continue to roll out 2,000 releases a year trying to create technology to help races grow again.

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