Questions Dashboard Page Phase 2 Released

We are now complete on our modernization of the Custom Questions Dashboard page with a redesign of the overall layout after the detailed layout update in Phase 1. The key improvement is putting each question in a collapsed tile. This makes it simpler to find questions for editing, and provides drag and drop reordering (remember to click the “Save Order” button at the bottom after reordering):

We have also improved the UX for Question Logic. This is where you want to ask further questions depending on an answer to a question. In this “impractical” example, we are asking for their best mile time depending on the answer to the question of which browser they use:

The Question improvements have been brought over to Volunteer and Fundraising Team setup as well. We will bring out a new Questions capability later this year when we release the next generation Club Membership system.

Our Questions capability has a number of great features that provide a combination of ease of use and great power. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Standard Questions like Emergency contact and shirt size get saved to a user profile so they get automatically answered when signing up for other races (and given there are a Half Million people who have signed up for at least 10 races on RunSignup that is a big ease of use factor).
  • Lots of choices for formatting question responses – Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, Select Menu, Yes/No buttons, Time Entry, and Essay.
  • Default Answers – in the above example you could set the initial default on the drop down select menu.
  • Validation on certain data entry fields – for example time and pace, or phone numbers.
  • Question Limits – for example if you have an inventory of items to give away.
  • Options for Requiring a response.
  • Asking each registrant or just once overall.
  • Adding an Image.
  • Ask questions only for certain events (like the 5K is different question than the half marathon).
  • Ask Group/Team Captains only.
  • Additional details/help text and links to explain questions.
  • Internal Questions – this is a clever way to add information to participants that does not show.
  • Sensitive Information Collection option for things like passport or social security numbers or military ID’s.

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