Strava Routes and Club Components for Race and Membership Websites V2

As part of our coming roll out of Membership and Race Websites V2, we are happy to include a new component from Strava that allows for Strava Routes and Strava Clubs to display on the websites. This is very convenient for races who want to show course maps, and for clubs who might have a variety of standard runs that the club logs in Strava.

The Strava Routes has a half dozen different map view modes (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid, Light, Dark, Winter) as well as 2D/3D and metric/mile options. In addition, it comes with elevation.

And a very cool Flyover Map.

And the capability to link to an existing club is very nice to be able to quickly get into Strava and see members and activity:

We make this incredibly easy to set up in the new Race Websites V2. Simply add the Strava Component to any page:

Then copy and paste the URL or the ID for the Map and for the Club:

Creating Routes on Strava is very easy. We created one for the Scott Coffee Run that you can see here.

You can see more information on Strava Route Embeds here. Note that the Route owner and Club owner or admin need to be the same person on Strava for security reasons.

This feature is now available.

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