Strava Routes and Clubs in Membership

We have added Strava Maps and Routes to the new Membership system currently in Beta. This means that clubs using RunSignup for managing Membership will be able to easily include multiple popular Club Routes right in their website as well as have a convenient link to their Strava Club.

For example, Playmakers Running Store in Michigan uses Runsignup Club system, and as they upgrade to the new Membership system they will be able to easily link their Strava Club as well as post Routes they might build.

Strava Routes include a cool Flyover capability:

And linking to Strava Clubs like Playmakers gives nice ways for members to connect:

The ability to add components like the Strava component across all of our various offerings like races, tickets and memberships.

One note – make sure that the owner of the Strava route is an owner or admin of the Strava club.

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