USAT Membership Update

Close to 1000 successful USA Triathlon membership purchases were processed by RunSignup since the launch of the new USAT Membership Changes that were announced on January 16th. Did you know that RunSignup is one of the few endurance platforms that streamlines the registration process for USA Triathlons with a direct API integration to USAT? Other registration platforms redirect registrants to the USA Triathlon website midway through the registration process in order to have the athlete purchase a membership direct from USAT. Then they are shuffled back to the registration platform to complete their registration for your race. This multi-step process leads to confusion, requires multiple transactions across two different websites and potentially abandoned registrations.

RunSignup’s partnership with USAT includes a direct “behind the scenes” electronic integration for the USAT membership purchase. Your participants never have to leave the registration path to obtain a new USAT membership and go on to complete the registration to your race.

New this week is the addition of a description added to each USAT Membership option so that your registrants can make an informed purchase decision, again, without leaving registration. This change was made jointly between USAT and RunSignup based on direct feedback from Race Directors. The description text comes directly from USA Triathlon. Below is an example from the athlete’s point of view:

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