RunSignup Integrated Website and Email for Events as an Alternative to WordPress and MailChimp

The two primary channels of communication from events to participants (and hoped for future participants) are their website and email. RunSignup has long provided events with these tools (for FREE), and over the past couple of years we have been hard at work with a major rewrite of these tools with Email V2 and now Race Websites V2.

In 2024 events using our website capability will receive over 400 Million page views. Thousands of websites use their own domain, and tens of thousands of websites have many pages with a combination of content and dynamic data like results, price increases, free photos, etc. Our customers have uploaded 77 Million contacts to our email system in addition to all of their past participants, donors, members, etc. in our system. We are on pace for about 800 Million emails to be sent by our customers this year. All to communicate with participants and marketing their events. All for free.

RunSignup’s next gen Website and Email are now superior to WordPress and Mailchimp for events for a variety of reasons. Unlike WordPress and MailChimp:

  • Free vs. Paid.
  • Easy to access and make changes – event directors are in control.
  • Common design approach – learn one, and you are learning them both.
  • Mix Content and real and dynamic data and system components on a single website.
  • Uptime, Performance and Security – Websites on RunSignup have only had 4 minutes of outage since 2015. The performance and scalability is unmatched, and we run a PCI Level 1, audited secure environment.
  • Integrated Data & System Components – Sponsors, Results, Photos, Countdown Clocks, Dynamic Event information, Donation Goal Meters, Integrated Calls to Action, Strava Maps, Location Maps, Team Lists, Participant Lists, Contact Us forms, Corporate Teams, Fundraising Individual, Teams and Umbrella Teams.
  • Integrated Email Data – Specify up to the second contacts like participants, donors, fundraisers, volunteers, members, etc. In addition, add custom data via tags for things like checkin QR code, bib and shirt details, corral, links for signing up, volunteering, participant info like age on race date, finisher certificate link, referral links, fundraiser and donor information and links.
  • Many Content oriented Components – Images, slideshow, image/content cards, text, buttons, YouTube, YouTube Playlist, Apple and Spotify playlists, etc.
  • Image Gallery let’s you share images between your website(s) and your email.
  • Easy display optionsMenus, Banner options, color options, layout options, multi fonts, padding, borders, rounded corners, separators, etc.


RunSignup allows event directors to take control of their own destiny by making Websites and Email easy, powerful and free. If you are still using one of the non-event specific website builders or non-event specific email tools, it is time to take a look at making a switch. And if you are paying for one or both of those, it is time to switch.

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